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Digestive disturbances may occur with a hard aspect between the Moon and Venus. With an additional hard aspect from Saturn or with Saturn in Cancer there can be too little hydrochloric acid available to absorb the copper (Venus) in the food. And since Venus rules niacin, there may be digestive upsets such as diarrhea caused by a lack of that vitamin. Bad breath (halitosis) from poorly digested food is also a possibility.

The sweet tooth inclinations of Venus can cause problems as well. Eating too many sweets can contribute to obesity, causing possible liver damage. Then a deficiency in riboflavin (Moon) could contribute to hypoglycemia. Eating too many white sugar products will also cause the leaching of potassium from the cells, resulting in problems with overweight. If there is an accompanying hard aspect from Mars, too little potassium in turn can result in an imbalance of sodium (Mars): with too little potassium and too much sodium the eliminating function of the kidney will weaken, perhaps causing edema.

There could also be female problems caused by a lack of vitamin E (Venus), especially with a hard aspect from either Saturn or Pluto. Miscarriage, abortion or resorption of the fetus could occur from lack of the vitamin. And if Venus or Saturn is in Cancer or Capricorn, there is the potential for anterior or posterior pituitary malfunction, causing a lack of necessary hormones and further upsetting the delicate female metabolic system.

Finally, any aspect between the transiting or progressed Moon and Venus should be examined when considering an operation. For best results, the transiting Moon should be sextile or trine to natal, progressed or transiting Venus and not afflicted by Mars. A favorable aspect to Venus is very desirable to insure that the operation proceeds smoothly and as anticipated, without complications.

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