Moon Uranus

A person should avoid surgery when the Moon is in negative aspect to Uranus. And with any hard aspect between these two planets sudden stress, such as that caused by surgery, can create a quick loss of potassium. Watch for a postoperative condition known as hypokalemia, caused by a severe depletion of potassium during the operation, A lack of potassium could also result in swelling of the ankles from edema, since the ankles fall under the domain of Uranus-ruled Aquarius.

In addition, this configuration may help create sporadic needs for riboflavin because of stress factors. Since the rods and cones of the eyes are ruled by Aquarius, eye problems caused by a lack of riboflavin may occur. There is also speculation that irregularities in childbirth can result if the mother's diet is deficient in riboflavin and she is on drug therapy as well during the pregnancy.

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