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Problems with the female reproductive system can be indicated when the Moon is in hard aspect with Saturn. For example, since Cancer rules the pituitary gland and ovaries, there may be menstrual problems, such as cramping and irritability before each period or a scanty or irregular menstrual flow—all caused by a lack of calcium (Saturn). A lack of bioflavonoids (Saturn) may also cause menstrual problems. And if the Moon is in Cancer with a hard aspect from Pluto and insufficient bioflavonoids, a possible abortion could be indicated. Miscarriage and other female complaints may occur from a lack of vitamin K (Saturn) as well. In addition, a possible deficiency of vitamin B-12 could create child-bearing problems that might be alleviated with vitamin C (Saturn).

Skin problems are also possibilities. Since Saturn rules the dryness of things—including people's exoskeletal regions, the skin—and rules the depletion of organic material, insufficient riboflavin may result in skin problems, such as flaking or scaling. Eczema may also come about from a deficiency in potassium.

Furthermore, potential bone ailments are always indicated when Saturn is in hard aspect. For instance, with an accompanying hard aspect from Mars, which rules phosphorus, rickets may occur. And if either the Moon or Saturn is in Cancer or Capricorn, the pituitary gland may be hyperfunctioning, especially with an aspect from Mars or Pluto that could trigger increased resorption of bone tissue back into the bloodstream, with not enough magnesium to halt the process: the end result could be osteoporosis. It may also be that there is not enough hydrochloric acid in the stomach to assimilate the calcium, especially if Saturn is retrograde in Cancer.

The levels of potassium in the body may be off, too, with a hard aspect between the Moon and Saturn, If the potassium-calcium relationship is disturbed, the muscles may not be receiving adequate neuromuscular activity, especially if there is an accompanying hard aspect from Mars to indicate muscle weakness or flabbiness. Saturn in Scorpio can show colon stasis brought about by insufficient potassium. And if either of the planets is in Libra, there may be kidney stones because not enough potassium is available in the body.

Other possible disorders with the Moon in hard aspect to Saturn are ulcers, especially with an additional aspect from Mars in Cancer or Pisces, and hemorrhoids, caused by a lack of bioflavonoids if the Moon is in Scorpio.

Finally, no one should probably undergo an operation when the transiting Moon is applying closely to a square, opposition or inconjunct to natal or transiting Saturn: an inconjunct, especially, is the worst possible aspect for operations, Saturn in adverse aspect with the Moon can mean chronic or very serious complications with any operation.

'All data on inositol is highly speculative and needs further research: too little is known about the vitamin at this point to make strong prognoses in relation to planetary designations.

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