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A severe deficiency of potassium might occur when the Moon is in hard aspect with Pluto. Without sufficient potassium the endocrine glands (Pluto) may be hypofunctioning. To determine the specific gland affected, you will need to look at the signs the planets are in: if they are in Cancer or Capricorn, the pituitary gland may be affected; in Taurus, the thyroid; and in Scorpio, the ovaries and testicles. If the Moon is conjunct Pluto in Scorpio, it's especially possible there will be troubles, including swelling, with the ovaries and testicles. If either planet is in Taurus or Scorpio, there is the additional potential for constipation or other ailments of the colon from lack of potassium. If one of the planets is in Scorpio, there may also be infections of the urethra or bladder, such as the inability to urinate. The tubes of the body (Gemini) may be affected, too, from a deficiency of potassium.

In addition, there may be insufficient amounts of riboflavin or vitamin B-6 (Jupiter) with a hard aspect between the Moon and Pluto. There is speculation of the possibility of tumorous cancers in the body with a deficiency of riboflavin or vitamin B-6, especially with an accompanying aspect Jupiter. Jupiter in the configuration can also point to too much riboflavin and too little vitamin B-6 or vice versa.

People should avoid operations when the transiting Moon is in negative aspect to Pluto; they should wait for harmonious aspects or none at all. I know a woman who went in for two heart surgeries when there was a strong negative aspect between the Moon and Pluto, and she died twice on the table. Fortunately, she survived. But her experience emphasizes the importance of waiting for harmonious aspects for surgery,

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