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It is important to consider the transiting or progressed Moon in relation to Mars when preparing for an operation. Surgery should be avoided when the transiting or progressed Moon applies to Mars in conjunction, square, inconjunct or opposition: Mars in a tension aspect with the transiting Moon may mean excessive bleeding or inflammation of an area of the body during or after surgery. On the other hand, an operation is advised when the transiting Moon is sextile or trine Mars: such an aspect may help insure a quick, clean, concise cutting hand of the surgeon.

Since Mars rules both the red blood cells and iron, the Moon in hard aspect with Mars always hints at the possibility of anemia, especially if a person is not getting enough riboflavin (Moon) as well. An accompanying hard aspect from Saturn will enhance the chances of the ailment. Since the Moon's sign, Cancer, rules the marrow of the bones, pernicious anemia may be implicated. If the Moon is in Cancer, there is the possibility a person will drink too much milk or eat too many dairy products, thereby inducing blood anemia (hypochromic anemia), especially if either Jupiter or Pluto is trine to the Moon, indicating overindulgence or an immoderate diet.

High blood pressure is another blood disorder indicated by a hard aspect between the Moon and Mars. With Mars ruling activity in general and the Moon ruling potassium there is an ideal situation for high blood pressure if a person ingests a great deal of salt, with too little riboflavin to keep the sodium-potassium level stabilized. The potential for this ailment is heightened if either the Moon or Mars is in Libra and/or there is an accompanying hard aspect from Saturn,

With insufficient iron (Mars) and a hard aspect between the Moon and Mars women may suffer menstrual difficulties, especially if Saturn is also in hard aspect to the Moon or Mars. The problems may be compounded by a lack of vitamin B-12 or fatty acids, Mars-ruled vitamins necessary to create a normal menstrual flow.

Pregnancy may also be difficult when the Moon is in hard aspect with Mars, especially if either planet is in Cancer. For example, there is the potential for an anemic state in pregnancy if Saturn is also in hard aspect or if Saturn is in Cancer, indicating potential poor assimilation of cobalt, vitamin B-12 and folic acid (all ruled by Mars) because of minimal amounts of hydrochloric acid being released in the stomach. A deficiency of folic acid, especially, can mean before and after problems related to the birthing process. In addition, there may be difficulties with conception caused by a deficiency of selenium (Mars). There is also speculation that miscarriages may occur if the levels of Mars-ruled sodium are too high.

Furthermore, the adrenal glands (Mars) are apt to malfunction with a hard aspect between the Moon and Mars. Adrenal gland sluggishness of the cortex tissue may make a person susceptible to stress symptoms of irritability, oversensitivity and emotional displays: riboflavin can be used to help correct the situation. The adrenals are also suspect as the root cause of an ailment if a person has edema or overweight from water retention: with a hard aspect from Saturn or Pluto the aldosterone hormonal levels should be tested, since the amount of the hormone produced may be causing a potassium-sodium imbalance.

Other potassium-related disorders are also possible. For instance, there is speculation that the potassium exchange with chlorine may be disrupted, causing a metabolic imbalance in the acid-alkaline levels, especially if the sign Libra is involved or if there is a hard aspect from Pluto: Libra on the Midheaven is particularly suspect of acidosis. The potassium-sodium relationship may also be at odds, pointing to a metabolic imbalance if Libra is involved with a hard aspect from Saturn or Pluto. Moreover, loss of potassium may cause an imbalance of iron. And a deficiency of potassium as well as phosphorus (Mars) can cause lack of oxygen to the brain, bringing on headaches and mental dullness, especially if either the Moon or Mars is in Aries. Finally, there is speculation that muscular dystrophy may partially result from a lack of potassium.

Some other potential ailments indicated by a hard aspect between the Moon and Mars are states of emotional anxiety from a lack of phosphorus, especially if the signs Cancer, Virgo or Pisces are involved in the configuration; inflammation of the face and eyes, correctable by riboflavin; and too much hydrochloric acid in the stomach, causing digestive upset and potential ulcers,

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