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Since the sign Cancer, ruled by the Moon, has authority over pregnancy and the birthing process and, along with Scorpio, corules the menstrual cycle, a hard aspect between the Moon and Jupiter may point to problems with female reproduction. Therefore, any pregnant woman with this configuration in her natal or progressed chart should receive enough cholin (Jupiter) or lecithin to insure proper fetal growth: research indicates that insufficent cholin in a pregnant woman can produce a child with a smaller-than-normal thymus gland. Using breast milk to feed the infant helps insure that the thymus gland will function properly in the child. With the Moon in hard aspect to Jupiter, especially if one of the planets is in Cancer, a deficiency of manganese (Jupiter) may cause the "postpartum blues," or dislike of the newborn infant. Furthermore, soreness or tenderness of the breasts before menstrual periods may occur, a symptom relievable with proper amounts of vitamin B-6 (Jupiter),

Liver ailments are other possibilities with the Moon in hard aspect with Jupiter. The liver, coruled by Jupiter and Virgo, can fall prey to inflammation caused by a virus or toxin (yellow jaundice or hepatitis). Lecithin is needed to cure this ailment, but without sufficient vitamin B-6 in the body lecithin cannot be formed: vitamin B-6, then, is a vital vitamin for people with a hard configuration between these two planets. There may also be riboflavin-related liver problems caused by a lack of the coenzyme action in the breaking down of insulin in the bloodstream: the insulin is converted into fat (Jupiter) and hypoglycemia may result. Liver injury from obesity or other causes can also bring on hypoglycemia, a disease that is especially possible if either planet is in Libra, Virgo or Pisces, with an accompanying hard aspect from Saturn to Jupiter: precipitation of the disease could be caused by too little potassium being available to help in the glucose process.

Digestive ailments, too, are likely with the Moon in hard aspect to Jupiter, Without sufficient vitamin B-6 in the liver to hook up cholin and inositol (Jupiter) to form lecithin, there can be many digestive problems. In addition, there may be a deficiency of biotin (Jupiter), since the gastric juices may not be available to unbind the vitamin, especially if the Moon is in Capricorn or if Saturn is in Cancer in negative aspect. If the Moon or Jupiter is in Cancer with a hard aspect from Mars, there could also be digestive problems involving ulcers because of a lack of zinc (Jupiter), And by reflex action to Cancer's opposite sign, Capricorn, there could be difficulties with the gallbladder (Capricorn), especially since lecithin is one of the necessary elements that makes up bile.

With the Moon in hard aspect to Jupiter the pituitary gland (Cancer) may be involved as well. For example, sterility or impotence may occur from a lack of manganese if there is an accompanying hard aspect from Saturn. A supporting hard aspect from Saturn could also mean that not enough vasopressin is released, and diabetes insipidus may result. The loss of great amounts of inositol in the urine would be evident, pointing to a potential case of the disease.1

In addition, an imbalance of vitamin B-6 is very likely with a hard aspect between the Moon and Jupiter. With Jupiter involved one must suspect either too much or too little riboflavin; consequently, there can be either too much or too little of vitamin B-6, Either way, other ailments can result. For instance, a deficiency of vitamin B-6 could upset the sodium-potassium metabolism. Too much sodium could produce edema that ebbs and flows with the phases of the Moon.

Finally, for best results the transiting Moon should be sextile or trine to natal, progressed or transiting Jupiter and not afflicted by Mars for undergoing surgery. ,

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