Midpoints Arranged In 90degree Sequence

W/Q m 06 M/fl 07 04 vv 15 11 ?/E 24 57 29 12 O 38 11 ])/A 53 4« A/M 66 44 iyE 84 52

V 00 31 ¥/f! »7 27 O/D 15 Ia ]>/¥ 25 10 t, 29 30 <f/(l 38 15 E/A 55 54 Tf/rf 66 58 J>/£J B6 06

J/O »1 29 tf/A 07 35 O/R 13 27 23 18 J/Ç 33 51 tf'M 38 38 y 57 lO tf/* 67 19 B^iï 86 14

fl/B »1 37 9 10 31 O/il 17 36 O/M 26 17 O/^ 34 01 43 30 O/tf 57 28 VA 74 27 ¡»/Ut 86 29

J/N 63 26 B/* 11 09 O/Q 16 38 ?/14 27 05 34 12 9/tf 43 38 57 31 <f 76 45 */e 86 37

B/M 03 33 ve 11 17 O/V 19 21 l^ï 27 27 J>/tf 34 36 V* 43 51 * 57 52 O/A 78 38 if 87 01

9/li 03 46 9/M 12 27 9/> 2® 11 ¥/¡) 28 2B tf/E 34 44 rf/M 43 34 VA 5B 03 D 82 28 ?/A 88 07

!/Q »5 08 V% 13 26 VM 22 07 */Q 28 49 y/M 33 47 ©/? 47 40 A/fl 39 25 J/E 82 33 Vfi 88 23

fi/V es 31 M 14 24 Q/B 24 21 J/V 28 31 */M 36 08 ©/* 48 01 */A 59 48 E 82 43 */A 88 28

iyn 05 42 VR 14 48 S/Ï 24 49 A 29 «4 tf/l| 36 33 Ct'% 53 18 Ç/A 64 48 i>/4 84 44 V* 88 46

my findings three times to make sure I wasn't going to make mistakes.


In 1972 when Bobby had his severe bouts with pneumonia, two eclipses took place in his Sixth House and one in his Twelfth. Eclipses to either of these houses can often trigger health ailments.

In 1975 when he started the migraines and simultaneously the therapy, an eclipse occurred opposite his Mercury: although wide in orb (seven degrees), this eclipse could still influence established attitudes that were going to be changed.

In November there was an eclipse within two degrees of Bobby's natal Sun and another in opposition within one degree of his natal Mercury. That was a time when he was focusing upon his thought processes and internal mental structure.

In 1976 the eclipses continued to hit his Sun and Mercury respectively: one was conjunct within a degree of his Sun; another was in opposition to Mercury by four degrees; the last was in opposition to Saturn within one degree, perhaps indicating the crystalization of the problem.

In 1977 an eclipse occurred within one degree of a conjunction with Bobby's Saturn, indicating the solid improvement he was making in therapy. In September an eclipse conjuncted his Venus by a wide conjunction of seven degrees, perhaps indicating the new-found love of self Bobby was developing because of his therapist. An eclipse in October was in opposition to his Midheaven and conjunct his Nadir within five degrees, indicating a change in his habits and a new image.

When I came on the scene in March 1978, an eclipse took place opposite his Venus by six degrees, showing hope for future improvements.

Final Analysis . :

Bobby's was a tough case, but in my opinion Tara was an excellent mother, who would follow everything to the letter to get improvement in her son. I felt sure she would give Bobby all the foods and supplements I suggested.

Both Tara and I were concerned about Bobby's ability to absorb supplements, especially with Jupiter ¡»conjunct Saturn; therefore, I devised a diet of natural foods rather than supplements. We also had our doubts that Bobby could keep all the foods down; so, I recommended he drink vinegar to help soothe the acidic condition of his stomach, especially since he has Uranus in Libra, a placement indicating acidosis. As another measure to lower his acidity I suggested that he not eat as much meat, high in acid, and, instead, adhere to a more alkaline diet. I also wanted to get Bobby off his high-protein diet because it could eventually cause problems with the kidneys. Tara agreed to talk to her doctor about such changes in his eating habits.

In addition, I suggested a diet high in potassium (Moon) to increase Bobby's attention span and cut down on his forget fulness. With the Moon also ruling over riboflavin I recommended that vitamin, which has a great deal to do with the carbohydrate metabolism and fats in general, to help Bobby digest food better plus get the pancreas back into functioning order. I also advised that he eat foods high in calcium and take calcium lactate tablets to help devlop his muscles and, perhaps, his coordination. Other vitamins and minerals I discussed with Tara were vitamins C and B-6, pantothenic acid and chelated zinc.

The tests I recommended Bobby undergo were for the thymus, the thyroid, the parathyroid and the adrenal glands. I wanted the parathyroid gland checked to make sure it was dispensing enough calcium so that Bobby's bones could grow and his teeth form properly. With a wide inconjunct between the Sun and Mars in Bobby's chart, I suspected the adrenals might be malfunctioning.

Finally, I suggested that Tara take Bobby to see my massotherapist friend, Dave Schneider.


In late March 1978, not long after I had met with Tara and Bobby, I received a letter from Tara. She informed me that she had taken Bobby to the massotherapist, and after the treatment Bobby did not wet his bed for the first night in several nights. Furthermore, the boy calmed down immediately after the massotherapy and was a joy to be around for about 12 hours.

In her letter she also added two items of Bobby's medical history she had not told me before. She wrote that he was not always "with it": "He can't remember anything, even when he tries; you can say something to him and it does not register. It really sounds like a potassium problem." She added that during bladder X-rays taken two years previously the technician had found several staples lodged in Bobby's lower left large intestinal wall: the boy had eaten them in school one day when he was bored. "They are still there," Tara wrote. "We have been to three surgeons who will not remove them, and they say that they are so imbedded that about six inches of the bowel would have to be removed. Until they have signs of infection, they will not put him through the surgery." With all the Virgo in Bobby's chart, this information did not surprise me: Virgo usually means potential intestinal disorders. My hope was that no infection would develop, necessitating surgery.

During the next two years Tara had great difficulty finding a physician who would consider the vitamin therapy, diet and lab tests I had recommended. Finally, after she had moved to another state, Tara located a chiropractor who ran the tests. The hair analysis paralleled my findings from the natal chart. In addition, the doctor agreed there was thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal malfunctioning. Bobby was also found to have hypoglycemia.

Bobby's been on the program since 1979, and Tara reports that he has no more migraines, he's eating better and is growing. Right now he's four feet tall and weighs 50 pounds. The vitamin and mineral therapy plus the diets have done nothing but make him stronger: he has no dizziness, and he has much more vitality. A dentist works on Bobby's malocclusion, and the chiropractor has stimulated growth of the jaw through massotherapy and kinesiology (another holistic concept that deals with the study of muscles and muscular movement). Perhaps best of all, Bobby's digestion is good. Bobby's chiropractor told Tara that there is a reflex between the jaw and the bladder: he's presently stimulating the jaw area; once it is in tune, he'll work on the bladder.

The bed-wetting continues, and Bobby's bladder has not started to grow as yet. But Bobby is only 11 and probably has another year before hormonal changes really begin to take place. Meanwhile, all concerned deal with Bobby's wetting problems so that the boy does not feel guilty. And I feel sure the chiropractor will get the bladder growth stimulated.

What Astrology Missed

This case presented such a diverse and complicated number of problems that I questioned my ability to get to the root cause of everything. But by methodically following the steps I had set up for the Med-Scan I was able to do so. I was accurate in my diagnosis, and I prescribed the right program. I would have had limited success with this case, however, if Bobby had not been undergoing successful psychotherapy. Getting Bobby's emotions straightened out was 50 per cent of the battle, and we can thank a talented and insightful psychiatrist for most of the healing.


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Health And Fitness 101

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