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With Mercury ruling Virgo a hard aspect between Mercury and Saturn may cause intestinal disorders, Virgo rules the intestinal tract and everything concerned with it, including the growth of healthy bacterial flora. There is speculation that Mercury in hard aspect to Saturn can indicate a lack of flora, which, in turn, may cause poor synthesis of PABA and vitamin K, both ruled by Saturn. As a result there may be such problems as diarrhea and colitis. Possible intestinal tract malabsorption may also indicate that bioflavonoids (Saturn) are not being utilized properly, creating further complications with the capillaries. Moreover, with an additional aspect from Neptune or with Mars in Cancer, Pisces or Virgo, as well as involved in the configuration, there may be poor assimilation of thiamine, producing duodenal ulcers.

Other ailments may result from a probable lack of thiamine. For example, poor bone growth in infants can be attributed to a deficiency of thiamine. Skin disorders, such as herpes and its various manifestations (simplex, zoster and zoster ophthalmicus), may also occur. The teeth are affected by the amount of thiamine in the body, too, and not enough thiamine can aggravate the pain and discomfort before and after dental surgery. Finally, insufficient thiamine may inhibit the functions of sulfur (Saturn), Especially if the sign Taurus is involved, the thyroid gland may be interfering with the sulfur uptake, since thyroxine is necessary for the mineral to be used successfully. With a deficiency of sulfur the insulin functions of the pancreas may be malfunctioning.

A hard aspect between Mercury and Saturn may also cause a lack of calcium (Saturn). If one of the planets is in Taurus and especially if Saturn is retrograde in Taurus, the thyroid may be hypofunc-iioning, producing a deficiency of calcium and related arthritic problems. Without enough calcium nerve ailments such as tremors, shaking, insomnia, restlessness, morbid states of mind and depression can occur. With an accompanying hard aspect from the Sun nervousness may indicate too little magnesium (Sun) to work with calcium to stop tremors, restlessness or vague nervousness.

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