Mercury Pluto

First and foremost, a hard aspect between Mercury and Pluto may imply either a lack of or an overabundance of thiamine, situations probably caused by a person's diet. Especially if Mercury is conjunct Pluto, a severe deficiency may occur, with resultant thyroid ailments. Furthermore, since Pluto rules Scorpio, which governs the colon, the root of

Fixed Cross diseases, an imbalance of thiamine could indicate heart problems as discussed under the section about the aspects of the Sun to Mercury. The pancreas could also be involved. And there could be a hormonal imbalance in general.

There is some speculation that a hard aspect between Mercury and Pluto provides a possible link to multiple sclerosis, since Mercury rules the central nervous system. Mercury in Aquarius in hard aspect with Pluto is especially suspect of creating this disease because of a deficiency of orotic acid (Pluto). But since so little valuable information has yet become available on orotic acid, this idea should be treated purely as hypothetical until there is enough data to compare multiple sclerosis with other diseases that seem to be caused by deficiencies of orotic acid.

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