Mercury Neptune

A deficiency of thiamine is a strong possibility with a hard aspect between Mercury and Neptune, although because of the deceptive nature of Neptune the problem may be misdiagnosed or overlooked. For instance, since Virgo rules much of the pancreatic function, a case of "hidden" diabetes may occur: a five-hour glucose tolerance test will determine if diabetes does indeed exist; instead, the ailment may be a carbohydrate problem that can be straightened out with adequate dosages of thiamine to provide better oxidation in the metabolic process. Moreover, the antivitamin vitamin enzyme thiaminase may be at work destroying thiamine through a diet of raw fish, oysters and mussels. Addiction to alcohol can produce an added need for the vitamin. Without adequate thiamine there may be a general weakness of the thyroid.

With Mercury ruling Virgo there may also be intestinal complaints from a lack of flora, perhaps caused by insufficient pantothenic acid (Neptune).

The possibility of cancer of the lungs, pancreas or liver should not be discounted when Mercury is in hard aspect to elusive Neptune, especially with an additional hard aspect from Saturn or Pluto. The sign Gemini or Virgo must also be implicated,

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