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Nervous disorders are definite possibilities with a hard aspect between Mercury and Mars. There may be general inflammation of the nerves. Or since Mars rules Aries, which has domain over the face, there is the potential for Bell's palsy. Nerve transmission may be faulty, too, causing unexplained tenseness because of a deficiency of phosphorus (Mars). And the central nervous system may become impaired, possibly resulting in a shuffling gait, slurred speech patterns and eventual paralysis—ail connected with a deficiency of vitamin B-12 (Mars). There is speculation that as welt as general nervous tension epilepsy may result from a hard aspect between Mercury and Mars because of an imbalance of sodium (Mars) affecting the central nervous system. And Mars in Virgo in poor aspect with Mercury may incite a case of nerves that will probably be helped by adequate dosages of thiamine (Mercury).

In fact, a deficiency of thiamine is highly likely with a hard aspect between these two planets, especially since Mars regulates how we burn our energy and how we exert ourselves mentally and physically. Mars in a fire or air sign will tend to induce a deficiency of thiamine more readily than if the planet is found in water or earth signs: Mars in Cancer in hard aspect to Mercury may even infer that supplemental thiamine should be avoided because of too much hydrochloric acid in the stomach. Another possibility is that too little thiamine is assimilated from lack of sufficient phosphorus.

Intestinal disturbances may also occur. A hard aspect between Mercyry and Mars may mean a deficiency of folic acid (Mars). Without enough of this important vitamin diseases such as diarrhea, diver-ticulosis or sprue could possibly manifest. Diarrhea could occur from a lack of fats in the digestive process as well. And since Mars rules chlorine, colitis caused by too much intake of chlorinated water and the eventual destruction of flora bacteria in the intestinal tract could also develop.

Other Virgo-related problems possible with a hard aspect between Mercury and Mars are liver dysfunction from a lack of natural chlorine in the body for maintenance of the organ, especially with an additional hard aspect from Jupiter; and pancreatitis or impairment of the pancreatic functions with a hard aspect from Saturn.

An accompanying hard aspect from Saturn can also indicate that the tubes of the body will be blocked: i.e., cholesterol deposits may build up in the bile duct, kidney tubules, etc., if fatty acids (Mars) are missing.

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