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This configuration in a chart can bring on depression because of a thyroid condition. Suicidal tendencies can occur if the depression continues. Speech impediments are also possible.

A person with this combination in a chart will probably be easily influenced in a hospital environment. Care must be taken not to arouse his or her powers of imagination.


Chronic nerve disorders or the onset of nerve-related strain without warning are possible. In addi-; tion, there may be a spastic thyroid condition: that is, the thyroid may go out under stress and after the stress has gone gradually go back to normal functioning.


This midpoint structure can indicate a chronic, nerve-related ailment whose symptoms the doctor is unable to diagnose properly: the parathyroid may be causing problems in the levels of calcium (Saturn) in the body, bringing on nervous ailments; a weak thyroid may also be the cause. The mental outlook of such a patient is usually poor because he or she is overwhelmed in a hospital by the suffering and dying. A private room, sunshine and a quietly confident staff are probably needed. Recuperation at home, if possible, is best.

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