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Besides suggesting nutritional supplements, herbal and homeopathic remedies and specific diets, a medical astrologer may recommend that a client undergo some form of physical or mental therapy. One of the best forms of physical therapy I have found is massotherapy, the manipulation of the muscles to effect a cure. In more technical terms massotherapy is "a scientific method of treating disease by manipulating the tissue of the body by hand or modality to effect relaxation, relieve pain, increase range and mobility of joints and ligaments, reduce certain types of edemas, effect blood flow and nutrition, increase metabolism, promote absorption, stretch adhesions and beneficially affect the nervous system."

Massotherapy is an excellent adjunct to chiropractry. And it can be very pleasant compared to the roughness that sometimes accompanies chiropractic movements. I have been unable to understand why chiropractors simply adjust a bone or vertebra without first massaging the muscles in and around the area. Tense muscles can throw a vertebra out. And too often I've seen a back "pop" out two days after chiropractic adjustment because the muscles were as tense as before, Massotherapists effect such massage, thereby increasing the chances that the condition will not recur.

But massotherapy is not glorified massage. Massotherapists train for two years at colleges and then must pass state board exams given by AMA to practice their trade. They are graduates of schools licensed to teach anatomy, physiology, hydrotherapy, hygiene and therapeutic massage.

Massotherapy has many benefits. First, it has a profound effect on circulation. It acts as a tonic to the heart, increasing the flow of blood without raising arterial tension. It also moves the lymph and blood and by its mechanical and reflex action on the nervous system encourages the tissue to maintain a healthy condition.

In addition, massotherapy promotes a desirable effect upon the nervous system. It may produce relaxation, stimulation and metabolic balance. The massotherapist, by expert manipulation and massage of the tissue of the body, relieves pressure on the nervous system, thus allowing the inherent restorative and constructive powers of the body to be activated.

Massotherapy also increases respiratory activity. And it is one of the most effective ways of increasing tissue metabolism. Furthermore, it can be beneficial to nutrition, blood formation on the cellular level, elimination, heat regulatory functions, stimulation of the endocrine function and mobility of the joints and ligaments. Last but not least, massotherapy exerts a positive effect on mental well-being.

A list of the names and addresses of massotherapists found throughout the United States is presented in Appendix C.

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