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With a hard aspect between Mars and Neptune, especially a conjunction, there may be poor vitality and lack of energy in general. A person with such a configuration in a chart may also be prone to stress-related ailments. And he or she may be especially sensitive to drugs, usually requiring only Vi the regular dosage of any medication.

Because of this drug-sensitivity, a person with Mars in hard aspect with Neptune in a chart may be highly susceptible to poisoning. Iron poisoning may occur, especially with an accompanying hard aspect from Saturn. There is also the potential for poisoning through overconsumption of selenium-bearing herbs. Furthermore, a hard aspect between Mars and Neptune points toward possible chlorine poisoning when a hard aspect from Saturn is involved: chlorine levels in the body should be tested by a physician, because the mineral may be the root cause of an allergic reaction.

Mars in hard aspect with Neptune also can indicate the potential for weak adrenal glands and the poor production of hormones therein. The adrenal glands may be susceptible to drug poisoning. Or there may be a deficiency of pantothenic acid (Neptune), needed to support the adrenals so that aldosterone can keep sodium in balance.

Since Mars is involved, there may be blood problems as well, especially is either or both planets is in Pisces and/or Virgo, indicating lymph-related ailments that could result in high white blood cell count. With an accompanying hard aspect from Saturn or Pluto leukemia may occur. Low blood pressure is another possibility with Jupiter or Saturn also in hard aspect. In addition, there can be seemingly blood conditions that are not diagnosable. For instance, especially with a hard aspect from Saturn, an individual may experience fatigue for no discernible reason: the condition may be caused by an imbalance of folic acid, vitamin B-12 or cobalt, creating borderline anemic conditions that persist for long periods. And with an aspect from Saturn fatty acids may not break down properly within the body, leaving undigested fat to combine with iron and calcium (Saturn) to form an insoluble soap, bringing on anemia or fragile bone conditions (and constipation if Mars or Neptune is in Scorpio).

A Mars-Neptune hard aspect may also induce deficiencies of phosphorus or folic acid. The ingestion of the poisonous metal aluminum (Neptune) may halt phosphorus absorption. A hard aspect from Saturn can indicate a loss of phosphorus, too. As a result the parathyroid gland may function poorly. And insufficient folic acid may result from drug therapy.

On the other hand, there may be too much sodium in the body. The sodium may be retained because of drug therapy, such as cortisone injections. If Neptune is in Libra, weakened kidneys, renal insufficiency or acidosis may develop, causing sodium retention and edema. Too much sodium may result in gout if there is also a hard aspect from Saturn: without sufficient pantothenic acid sodium settles with uric acid needles into the soft tissue surrounding the joints, causing inflammation because of insufficient vitamin C (Saturn) to stop the process.

There is also some speculation that a hard aspect between Mars and Neptune may cause a lack of /aetriie, resulting in cancer of the mouth or tongue or muscle deterioration in some part of the body—with a hard aspect from Saturn or Pluto.

Finally, it should always be remembered that Neptune is very deceptive, and misdiagnosis may occur when that planet is in hard aspect with Mars. For example, a shortage of iron, vitamin B-12 or pantothenic acid may be the root cause of a seemingly undiagnosable condition or of a disease whose symptoms seem unrelated to such shortages.


Whenever Pluto is in hard aspect, there is the potential for glandular malfunction. Mars in hard aspect with Pluto indicates possible problems with the adrenal glands: especially if Pluto is in Aries, the adrenals may be hyperactive. With an accompanying hard aspect from Saturn the adrenals may atrophy, resulting in Addison's disease. Severe stress on the adrenal glands may create sugar problems, such as hypoglycemia. Disorders of the endocrine glands may also occur because of an overabundance of sodium caused by exhausted adrenal glands. If Pluto is in Cancer, the posterior pituitary gland may be hyperfunctioning. And if Mars is conjunct Pluto in a man's chart, prostate problems may take place in later life.

In addition, since Pluto rules transformations within the body, blood-related and cellular problems are possible with Mars in hard aspect with Pluto. Septic inflammation of the blood, blood poisoning and macrocytic anemias, wherein red blood cells are abnormally large, may occur, indicating a severe deficiency in cobalt and/or vitamin B-12. There is also some speculation that abnormal red blood cell production may cause megaloblastic anemia from insufficient orotic acid (Pluto). And with Pluto involved a severe depletion of vitamin B-12 might evidence itself, creating pernicious anemia.

As well as a possible abnormal need for vitamin B-12, a hard aspect between Mars and Pluto can signify greater-than-average needs for folic acid and selenium to keep the body healthy. There is some conjecture that a deficiency of folic acid could cause red blood cell transformation, resulting in a specific type of anehiia. Certainly, adequate amounts of folic acid are necessary to maintain the DNA structure. There is also some speculation that an accompanying hard aspect from Saturn can produce immature white blood cell (leucocyte) production that may be arrested by selenium. Doctor's tests should be initiated to determine if above-normal quotas of selenium are really necessary.

Since Pluto is known for its gluttonous characteristics, a hard aspect with Mars can indicate abnormal needs for several other vitamins and minerals. There may be a severe vitamin B-12 deficiency, resulting in allergies such as asthma, hives or eczema. Moreover, tests should be conducted to find out if there is a greater-than-average need of iron. An abnormal requirement for fatty acids may also be necessary for daily bodily maintenance: a deficiency in fatty acids may cause possible constipation if an aspect from Saturn is present and the sign Scorpio is involved. Finally, there is some conjecture that a hard aspect between Mars and Pluto may result in greater-than-average needs for natural chlorine and molybdenum; however, physician's tests must first confirm the requirements for these minerals because too much of them can be deadly.

On the other hand, a Mars-Pluto hard aspect can indicate an overabundance of certain minerals. A trine from either planet to Jupiter can especially mean gross indulgence in a potentially poisonous product. For instance, if Pluto is trine Mars, there may be too much iron in the body; if Jupiter is also in hard aspect, hemosiderosis of the liver may occur; a Saturn involvement may indicate a lack of vitamin B-6 (Jupiter) to help distribute the increased iron properly throughout the body. Such an overabundance of iron may interfere with absorption of phosphorus, particularly if a hard aspect from Saturn is involved. Sodium may also be high; consequently, water weight problems will ensue. In addition, a person with Mars in hard aspect with Pluto in a natal chart may consume excessive amounts of table salt, causing chlorine poisoning: there is some speculation that with an accompanying hard aspect from Saturn too much chlorine ingestion can cause DNA damage, thereby affecting the offspring of the individual.


A person with Mars conjunct the Ascendant in a natal chart probably loves speed of any kind. Such haste adds up to accidents. The physical drive may outweigh the condition of the body, which is normally quite athletic, and the individual may become ex hausted or develop anemia. The adrenal glands may also be overstressed, and adrenal exhaustion may occur cyclically.

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