Libra Woman S Disease

Bones: Lumbar vertebrae.

Muscles: Quadratus lumborum and sacrolumbal.

Arteries: Suprarenal, renal and lumbar.

Veins: Renal and lumbar.

Cell Salt: Natrum phosphoricum.

Since Libra rules the kidneys, it's an important sign to consider in medical astrology. The elimination of poisonous waste material is essential to life. Without the kidney's filtering capacity to clean blood during a 24-hour period we would be dead in a relatively short time.

Because of the kinds of food we consume today, the miles of tubules within each kidney can potentially become blocked with debris such as cholesterol, calcium or other waste. Debris that should have been plucked out of the bloodstream and filtered down through the ureters to the bladder to be emptied out of the body may swing back into the circulation. A gradual poisoning then occurs.

The symptoms of partially blocked kidneys are numerous. Although there may not be inflammation or nephritis, there can be lower back pain or a minor aching sensation in the region of one or both kidneys. Other potential problems include edema, weight gain and the inability to loose it, mild to severe headaches, adrenal gland stress and skin rashes ranging from dryness to dermatitis and eczema.

Blood disorders varying from simple anemias to a pseudoleukemia and high white blood cell counts can also be caused by a malfunctioning kidney. Such ailments are usually blamed on the spleen: sometimes, when a doctor cannot find the reason a person has a dangerously high white blood cell count, he or she will remove the spleen in an effort to halt the formation of the cells. Actually, though, the reason the body manufactures many more white blood cells is to fight the infection that is flowing through the body in the form of toxemia. Manufacturing white blood cells is the body's main way of combating something that the body automatically realizes could kill it. At the same time the person may experience soreness of the lymph glands, swelling or even lumps that are often mistaken for cancerous tumors. Other symptoms, such as continual colds, sniffles and stuffy sinus conditions, can be signs of toxicity as well.

Libra also rules the basal metabolism, specifically the acid-alkaline metabolism. A person who is a heavy meat eater may get acidosis: meat is very high in acidic properties that build up in a person's system. When the body is unable to supply enough alkalinity, the result is nervousness without reason, insomnia or unrestful sleep, tenseness and the inability to relax, headaches and heartburn.

Finally, if Libra is found on the Ascendant or

Midheaven, a glandular malfunction may be suspected,

This configuration may create various diseases of the kidney, such as nephritis or Bright's disease, as well as skin ailments or diseases that are kidney-related by renal retention.

Moon in Libra

The Moon in Libra may cause edema of the hands and feet or an inability to lose weight because of a weakened or clogged kidney.

Mercury in Libra

With this placement there is the potential for kidney tubule obstructions, pain of a nerve-related origin within the kidneys and nephritic colic.

Venus in Libra

Kidney disorders in general, high color to the urine and uremia are all possible with this configuration.

Mars in Libra

Mars in Libra can indicate kidney inflammation of a nephritic variety or a sudden flare-up or inflammation to the kidneys from a physical injury.

Jupiter in Libra

This placement can mean changes in the blood circulation because of the fluctuation of kidney regulation or cholesterol deposits in the kidney tubules. Sugar-related problems, such as the consumption of too many sweets, can also occur.

Saturn in Libra

The various ailments that may result from Saturn in Libra are thickening of the tubule walls of the kidneys, poor filtering conditions to remove urea from the blood, renal or urine retention, kidney blockage by gravel or stones of a calcium nature, suppression of urine, blood ailments caused by un-filtered toxic waste and sluggish or hypofunctioning kidneys.

Vranus in Libra

With Uranus in Libra the kidneys may work intermittently or spastically, causing a problem like cyclical albuminuria, wherein urine is not completely filtered out of the blood.

Neptune in Libra

This configuration may indicate weak or sluggish kidney function: the kidneys may be weakened because of illness or heredity. There may also be p filtering of urine from the blood, causing anemia \ potential problems with the spleen.

Pluto in Libra

Pluto in Libra may result in tumors in kidneys, toxemia caused by poor kidney function t kidney diseases that are chronic or terminal. Plutc Libra conjunct the Ascendant, if in hard aspt always hints at some sort of glandular disord There can also be an imbalance of the acid-alkal metabolism.

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