Bones: Dorsal vertebrae. Muscles: Longissimus and latissimus dorsi, transversalis, diaphragm and the heart muscles. Arteries: Aorta, anterior and posterior coronary. Veins: Vena cava and coronaries. Cell Salt: Magnesia phosphorica.

Leo rules just one organ, but it is the most important oneā€”the heart. Nearly all forms of heart ailments fall under this sign's domain. Leo may also be responsible at times for back ailments of many varieties, in a kind of reflex action with Aquarius, its opposite sign: although Aquarius rules the spinal cord, Leo rules the vertebrae that protect the spinal cord's vulnerability.

Sun in Leo

The Sun in Leo may mean heart and back problems as well as fever of an acute origin. - ,,

Moon in Leo

Fainting, convulsions and heart problems, especially enlarged heart conditions, may result from this configuration.

Mercury in Leo

With this placement there may be convulsions, fainting, pains in the back, palpitations of the heart that may be thyroid-connected and pain in and around the heart.

Venus in Leo

Venus in Leo can result in diseases of the bone marrow and the vertebrae as well as aortic diseases.

Mars in Leo

Heart attacks, palpitations (perhaps brought on by a thyroid problem), aneurysms resulting from severe physical stress, hypertrophy, dilatado cordis, angina, pericarditis, endocarditis, sunstroke, muscular rheumatism in the back and scarlet and rheumatic fever are all possibilities with this configuration.

Jupiter in Leo

Jupiter in Leo can indicate feverish complaints, strokes, cholesterol-related degeneration of the heart or aortic arteries, palpitations and a larger than normal heart. -

Saturn in Leo

With this placement there is the potential for hardening of the arteries; constriction of the arteries or veins leading to the heart; atrophy of the heart; weak, muscular action of the heart; locomotor ataxia from lack of enough calcium, magnesium or potassium; heart "skipping"; a smaller than normal heart; and a malformed spine.

Uranus in Leo

Uranus in Leo may produce arrhythmia of the heart, spasmodic palpitations (potentially a thyroid problem) and sudden attacks of angina pectoris.

Neptune in Leo can mean a weak heart, low blood pressure from sluggish activity of the heart and a weak back and commensurate problems: light to moderate exercise will strengthen both the heart action and flabby back muscles.

Pluto in Leo

Sudden heart attacks of a chronic nature, heart transplants because of a severe injury to that muscle and back problems of a chronic and long-lasting nature are all possible ailments caused by Pluto in Leo.

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