Ledum Palustre Saturn Uranus

Made from the herb, Marsh Tea, Ledum works in the realm of puncture and nail wounds. Puncture wounds

Insect bites

Animal scratches or bites Black eye

Fractures (can interchange with Arnica and Ledum to reduce swelling and absorbed blood. Symphytum should also be given the first few weeks to help bones knit more quickly)

NUX VOMICA (Moon, Mercury, Mars, Gemini, Pisces)

Made from the Poison Nut, this is the "addiction remedy" that can help someone say "no" to an addictive substance—whether it be cigarettes, social drugs or any kind of medical drug. Nux Vom. is also a great indigestion remedy.

Indigestion (by excessive eating or drinking with heartburn 1-2 hours after eating) After eating indigestion Constipation

Insomnia (occurring after mental strain or cannot sleep after 3 a.m.) Mental strain

Headache (with vertigo or feeling as if head were split with a nail) Vertigo

Eyes (light sensitive) Hemorrhoids (itching)

Fainting (from sight of blood or from strong odors)

Colds (from exposure to cold weather/wind) Colic (from overeating)

Cough (gagging, retching cough, feverish and chilled)

Diarrhea (from indiscriminate eating; alternate with constipation)

Hay fever (long bouts of unrelieved sneezing, nose stuffed all night, irritation of eyes, nose and face—if it doesn't work within an hour, try Sabadilla or Arsenicum)

Nerves (constantly frustrated, critical, fussy and hypersensitive)

Pre-menstrual tension (if with flashes of anger/temper, irregular cycle plus pain first couple of days during)

Travel sickness (nausea along with splitting headache)

PHOSPHORUS (Mercury, Mars, Pluto, Gemini) Made from Phosphorus, this is a remedy that should be handled with great care and by an experienced homeopath. To take this remedy too often can invite disaster, as it can destroy red blood cells. A little of this remedy goes a long way. It is one of our great respiratory/lung remedies, as well as arresting hemorrhaging.

Gums (bleeding easily) Nosebleeds

Surgery (to cut down risk of abnormal bleeding) After surgery nausea (from anesthesia) Menstrual (heavy flow)

Colds (both nostrils blocked or one alternately blocked)

Cough (racking type cough that shakes body; causes headache. Weight on chest)

Eyes ("floaters" or black dots before eyes) Fever (alternates with chills)

PULSATILLA (Moon, Cancer, Virgo, Pisces)

Made from the herb, Wind Flower, this remedy is decidedly female or for people who are highly volatile, temperamental and change like the weather. It is also for any kind of runny, thin, clear discharges from any orifice of the body—including eyes and ears. It is also the Mumps remedy.

Indigestion (bloated or gas from eating fatty foods

Varicose veins

Emotional (up and down, sensitive, cries easily or is easily moved)

Pre-menstrual tension (if moods, emotional. Period may be unpredictable, late or shortened) Cold (that is "ripe" or fully in evidence) Asthma

Headache (periodic type; from eating fatty food or ice-cream)

Hiccough (from drinking something cold) Lactation (breast milk is scanty) Nerves (from bad news or emotional upset) Eyes (sties)

RHUS TOXICODENDRON (Moon, Mars, Neptune, 12th House)

Made from the herb, Poison Ivy, this remedy works well in the area of sprains and strains that are BETTER with movement. Poison Oak/Poison Ivy

Flu (fever, diarrhea, pains, stiffness and thirst for cold water)

Fever (with great restlessness of body/mind; thirst)

Skin (which burns or itches or with pustules, swelling or blisters) Air sickness

Joints (stiffness or having to "warm up" before they feel loose and free)


Made from Rue - Bitterwort, this remedy works chiefly on the ligaments, tendons and joints of the body. If the pain increases with movement and doesn't get better after moving around a bit, then consider this remedy.

Ligaments (trauma with stiffness) Joints (stiff)

Muscles (bruises or soreness to) Eyes (bruised feeling) Sciatica (worse lying down) Teeth (dry socket after extraction) Sprains (use Arnica first and then Ruta Gravolens)

Bruised feelings in general—no matter what part of the body is affected)

SPONGIA TOSTA (Neptune, Gemini)

Made from the ocean-going Sponge which is roasted, this remedy is a wonderful respiratory/lung helpmate.


Cold (burning in nose and sore throat) Croup

Cough (dryness of all passageways, dry, barking)

Lymph Glands (swollen, pain when turning head)

SULPHUR (Saturn, Pluto)

This remedy is made from sulphur Skin (dry, scaly; may be itchy or burning) Loss of memory Constipation

Diarrhea (in the morning) Hands/feet (burning sensation in them) Eyes (sties)


Made from the Comfrey plant, this remedy has no equal in mending any broken bone, torn cartilage or tendons in our body. It also helps with bleeding stomach ulcers.

Broken bones (helps knit and heal faster; eases pain) (also see Hypericum)

Eyes (any trauma or blow to)


Made from the herb, White Hellebore, this is a premier diarrhea remedy.

Diarrhea (with abdominal pains, cramps, sweating and exhaustion)

Cramps (abdomen, legs or calves) Surgery (good for post-operative shock)

Nausea (with severe vomiting)


ARNICA OINTMENT: For use in application to minor cuts, abrasions and bruises. Takes away swelling. If an open wound, clean properly with antiseptic and then place AROUND outer edges of it but not in the wound itself. Excellent for bruises, around skin scrapes.

CALENDULA OINTMENT: (Sun ruled) Excellent healing remedy for any open wound (bed sores, ulcers, wounds, etc.); put around outer edges of it.

HYPERICUM TINCTURE: (Mercury, Uranus) Place around or over affected area where there is nerve-like pain. Will speed healing, particularly of a nerve origin.


Dr. Mathur, one of great homeopaths, had put a book together called "Principles of Prescribing," in which he put down specific indications for a specific remedy. This method, which names both acute and chronic conditions is presented below along with my twenty-three years of homeopathic observations. Do NOT try any of these remedy without first consulting and receiving approval from a homeopathic physician.

ACONITUM NAPELLUS (Uranus, Mars, 12th house)—Panic Attacks. Anxiety attacks.

ANACARDIUM ORIENTALIS (Pluto, Mars, 4th, 8th, I2th houses)—"Gang banger" remedy. For persons who show tendency toward violence, lack of morals, sociopathic behavior. Mental burnout. Impaired memory. Lack of self-confidence. Easily offended. Malicious behavior. Weak memory — cannot remember what had just been read. (Gel-semium is good for those whose FEAR of tests make them forget what they've retained).

ANTIMONIUM TART. (Neptune)—Asphyxia, especially from drowning. Suffocation from being overcome by smoke. Suffocation from foreign object in throat (make sure object is removed before giving this remedy). Pneumonia, emphysema, bronchitis or asthma where the person feels as if they are going to suffocate. Great rattling in chest with little mucus coughed up.

ARGENTUM NITRICUM (Mercury, Gemini)—Apprehension in general. Craving for sweets and sugar of all kinds. Uncomfortable using elevators. Hoarseness. Total loss of voice in singers or speakers.

ARSENICUM ALBUM (Pluto, Mercury, Virgo, 12th house)—Food poisoning, herbicide, insecticide or heavy metals poisoning. Good for any kind of inhaled noxious or chemical fumes. Flu remedy. Phlebitis. Great fears of death, being left alone or of being robbed. Great mental anguish. Moves from room to room, cannot sit still when under pressure. Asthma remedy—worse around midnight. Hayfever (Sabadilla and Natrum Mur. are good for this condition).

BARYTA CARB (Saturn) — Mental retardation. Autism. Senile dementia. Slow in speech. Slow in thinking. Confusion. Loss of memory. Loss of strength, particularly in respiratory ailments—even a cough, they lack strength to cough up phlegm.

BELLADONA (Uranus, Mars, Mercury)—Scarlet fever, air sickness (Cocculus or Tabacum). Sudden onset of any acute illness with high fever, redness to face/cheeks. Painless sore throat. Ear infections/aches — can save a child from a shunt operation.

BELLIS PERENNIS (Mars)—Soreness after any kind of traumatic blow. Tumors or semi-hard tissue that forms after a blow that is not dissolved with Arnica. Bellis is especially helpful in severe ligament or tendon ailments and broken bones (Symphytum to heal bones quickly, but Bellis to remove the tissue trauma around the break.)

BRYONIA (Saturn, Cancer) Migraine headaches. Hoarseness. Pneumonia, bronchitis. "The grump" remedy because these people when they get ill, want to be left alone, crawl into bed, pull down the shades, have absolutely no noise around them. If a person comes to talk to them or help them, they get exceedingly irritable and grumpy with them. Like an old wounded bear being prodded—you'll get bit.

CACTUS GRANDIFLORUS (Saturn, Mars, Leo)—pre-eminent heart attack remedy (Aconite, also). For mitral valve. Weight on chest. Unable to breathe. Violent palpitations. Endocarditis. Angina Pectoris.

CALCAREA CARBONICA (Saturn, Jupiter, Moon, Taurus, Cancer) — Teeth problems of all kinds. Chalk teeth. Slow to speak as a toddler. Sudden spurts of growth that leave child "crippled" due to bones growing too fast for muscle's growth to keep up. Forgetful. Confused. Fear of insanity or loss of reason. Painless hoarseness.

CALCAREA FLOURICA (Saturn, Jupiter, Cancer, Pisces)—hard, bony growths of any kind.

Nerve ganglia. Croup. Goiter. Hard knots in woman's breast.

CANTHARIS (Mars, Moon, Scorpio)—Bladder infections. First or second degree burns with burning sensation.

CAPSICUM (Mars, Moon)—Homesickness. Delirium tremens.

CARBO. VEGETABILIS (Neptune, Jupiter, Gemini)—Shock remedy (also, Rescue Remedy). For people who have NEVER completely recovered from an illness (Gelsemium is also a relapse remedy). Asthma, with blue skin.

CAUSTICUM (Saturn, Moon)—Fear of dogs. Post-operative urinary retention. Rheumatic pains in limbs. Arthritis. Restless legs at night (Nitric Acid, also).

CEANOTHUS (Neptune)—Agent Orange remedy. Spleen enlargement.

CHAMOMILLA (Mars, Moon, Cancer)— Teething. Colic. Earaches (Belladonna is also very useful—especially in infections). Very irritable when sick.

CHELIDONIUM MAJUS (Jupiter)—Liver disorders. Gallstone colic. Gallbladder attack.

CINA (Neptune)—Worms. Grinding teeth may be indications of parasites/worms in body). Child craves sweets because worms thrive on sugar of any kind. Will stick finger up nose and bore into nasal cavity because of the "itching" in the nose—a signal of worms/parasites. Child or adult is VERY cross, ugly and is often always hungry. Always rubbing nose because it itches. Eggs hatch at new moon and full moon—so watch for these reactions especially around these time frames. Get tested by doctor to confirm parasite/worm infestation—many people have them in the U.S.!

DROSERA (Mercury, Gemini)—Whooping Cough. With the return of so many old diseases. Whooping Cough among them, plus others, if you have children, this is a good remedy to have on hand—just in case.

ECHINACEA (Neptune)—Cancer pallative— will ease the last stages of a person dying from this disease. Blood poisoning or septic states—be SURE and get to emergency room or see doctor if you see a red streak on skin originating from wound area! Gangrene.

EUPATORIUM PERFOLIATUM (Saturn, Cancer, Virgo)—aching bones or muscles with flu. Dengue fever. Soreness of flesh with flu.

EUPHRASIA (Mars, Moon, Cancer)— Hayfever (Sabadilla, Arsenicum also good).

FERRUM MET. (Mars)—Anemia due to iron deficiency.

Fever of an unknown origin. Fever that responds to nothing else. Relapse remedy (Gelsemium, Carbo. Veg.).

FOLLICULINUM (Moon)—Loss of sex drive. Menopause, estrogen-replacement—take this instead of allopathic estrogen. Mastitis. Hair falling out in women. Pre-menstrual migraines. PMS symptoms with extreme emotional and mental instability. Hayfever. Recurring cystitis in women. Weight gain without excessive eating, worse before menses or during ovulation.

GELSEMIUM (Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter)— Never well since any acute or chronic illness. Relapse remedy (see Ferr. Phos., Carbo. Veg.). Illness brought on by nervous stress. Nervousness. Fear of tests. Flu. Diarrhea from emotional/nervous excitement. Diarrhea from from fright, bad news or good news,

GLONOINE (Sun, Mars)—Sunstroke. Heat stroke. Bursting headache from over-exposure to sun.

GRAPHITES (Jupiter)—Keloid scar tissue. Nails brittle and crumble. Nails deformed, painful, sore, thick or crippled.

HEDEOMA (Saturn, Mars)—Poison oak remedy (Rhus Venenata will also cure it).

HEPAR SULPH. (Neptune, Pisces, Gemini)— Imbedded splinters. Sinus infections—acute and chronic. Sinusitis. Abscessed teeth (low dose to dissolve it). Conjunctivitis. Pains in bones of face, particularly above and below eyes. Used to bring up stubborn mucus from lungs. Thick, stringy, yellow/green mucus. Do NOT give to a Tuberculosis patient!

HYDRANGEA (Moon, Aries, Cancer, Scorpio)—Kidney nephritis, kidney aches of any kind. Use in tincture form only and do NOT give to a person who either genetically has kidney stones in family tree or who has a known history of kidney stones. Kidney flush to clean them out of all kinds of debris, including mucus.

HYPERICUM (Uranus, Mercury)—Injuries to nerves. Root canal. Crowns being placed on teeth. (If remedy doesn't work, try Carbo. An. or Coffea.)

IGNATIA (Uranus, Mercury, Moon)—For grief of any kind. Loss of person or animal in your life. Grief caused by a move to another country or location. Loss of friends, loved one, etc. Coffee craving diminishes. Depression caused by grief. Hysterical. Hates smell of tobacco in any form. If grief is not cured with this remedy, consider Natrum Mur.

IODUM (Sun, Mars, Taurus)—Hyperthyroid. Goiter. The Plague.

IPECACUANHA (Moon, Cancer)—Vomiting. Nausea with pregnancy. <

KALI BICH. (Jupiter)—Sciatica. Sinus. Sinusitis. Thick green/yellow mucus or discharge, Eye discharge, thick. Aching across forehead from headache or sinus inflammation.

KALI BROM. (Uranus, Saturn)—Psoriasis. Chronic gout. Epilepsy (with salt-free diet).

KALI MUR. (Gemini, Pisces)—Menstruation with clots and possible hemorrhage.

KALI PHOS. (Uranus, Mercury, Aries)—Mental strain. Mental burnout. Humming and buzzing in ears. Nervous dread.

LAC CANIUM (Uranus, Moon, Taurus)—Pains which are erratic and shift from side to side. Diphtheria. Rheumatism. Arthritic pains that shift or alternate constantly.

LACHESIS (Neptune, Moon, Jupiter, Mercury, Gemini, Scorpio)—Snake bite. Venom poisoning. Diphtheria. PMS symptoms BEFORE onset of menses. Craving for alcohol. Alcoholism. Cellulitis. Menopause "hot flashes." (Sepia will help some cases also).

LATHYRUS (Neptune)—Polio. Paralysis of limbs. Infantile paralysis.

LATRODECTUS MACTANS (Neptune, Uranus, Leo)—Angina Pectoris with pain radiating down left arm and fingers with numbness.

LEDUM (Uranus, Saturn)—Puncture wounds. Bites of insects. Black eye from blow. Poison oak. Anal fissures.

LILIUM TIGRINUM (Mars, Moon, Scorpio)—PMS symptoms, especially emotionally volatile, swinging from depression to anxiety. Rheumatoid arthritis.

LYCOPODIUM (Saturn, Moon, Capricorn)— Pre-senility remedy. Good for elderly who have weak memory, thin, withered, always chilly with poor circulation. Gas and flatulence. Afraid to be alone. Depression. Malnutrition. Weakness of muscles. Constipation. Hemorrhoids.

MAGNESIA PHOS. (Uranus, Mercury, Leo)— Hiccoughs. Sciatica. Injuries to nerves (Hypericum). Goiter. Toothaches better with heat or hot liquids. Angina pectoris. Asthma. Cramps in calves. Darting pains. Twitching of muscles. Great muscular weakness.

MEDORRHINUM (Neptune, Uranus)—Gonorrhea. Chronic rheumatism. Child dwarfed or stunted. Chronic pelvic inflammation disorders— PID. NOTE: This is a miasm remedy and must not be taken without specific direction from a homeopathic physician.

MERCURIUS VIV. (Pluto, Neptune)— Syphilis, second stage. Rheumatoid pains. Tremors throughout body. Foul smelling breath. Diarrhea. Trembling of hands. Thinks they are losing their minds. Slow in answering questions.

MERCURIUS IODATUS RUBER (Mars, Pisces) Diphtheria, especially if left side of throat is ulcerated.

MILLEFOLIUM (Mars)—Hemorrhage. Small pox with pain in stomach. Nosebleed. Bleeding hemorrhoids. Painful varicose veins in pregnant women. Continued high temperatures (Ferrum Phos.). Bloody urine.

NATRUM BROM. (Saturn)—Acne simplex.

NATRUM CARB. (Neptune, Aquarius)—Great debility or weakness caused by summer heat. Sunstroke. Exhaustion. Weak ankles. Slow mental comprehension. Headaches from slightest mental exertion. Easy dislocation or spraining of ankles.

NATRUM MUR. (Saturn, Moon, Aquarius, 12th house)—Salt craving. Hyperthyroid. Coffee craving. Deep, suppressed emotions of any kind, particularly grief and anger. Good for people who have experienced shock treatment in hospital. Electric shock of any kind. Hayfever, Migraine headache. Hangnails. Sweats while eating. Loss of hair. Hives. Greasy skin. Eczema. Warts on palms of hands. Headache (migraine variety) that begins with blindness.

NAT. PHOS. (Mars, Libra)—Heartburn. Indigestion. Conditions arising from eating TOO MUCH sugar. Acidity of stomach. Joints crack and pop. Colic. Yellow Jaundice.

NATRUM SULPH. (Jupiter, Taurus)—Head injuries of any kind. Asthma in children. Chronic headaches in general. Spinal meningitis. Warts or fingers and toes. Gonorrhea in males. Chronic gout,

NITRICUM ACIDUM (Pluto, Mars, Scorpio)—Bleeding, painful hemorrhoids. White spots on nails. Warts, jagging and bleeding. Black pores on face. Hoarseness. Restless legs.

NUX MOSCHATA (Neptune)—Narcolepsy. Faints at the sight of blood.

NUX VOMICA (Mars, Moon, Mercury. Gemini, Pisces)— Alcoholism. Antidotes bad effects of allopathic drugs—short or long term use. Hang over. Addiction remedy—trying to get off any kind of addictive substance such as cocaine, marijuana, heroine, etc. Liver ailments. Good liver cleanser,

ONOSMODIUM (Saturn, Moon)—Migraine headaches. Sexual desire completely destroyed. Loss of sexual desire. See Folliculinum for loss of sexual desire.

OOPHORINUM (Venus, Moon)—Ovarian cysts. Menopause where estrogen is given, this remedy can replace it—naturally and without side effects—see homeopathic physician. Menopausal problems in general. See: Folliculinum, another menses and menopause remedy.

PALLADIUM (Mars, Venus, Moon)—Ovarian cysts. Premier ovarian remedy for many ovary conditions. See: Folliculinum and Oophorinum.

PETROLEUM (Neptune, Saturn)—Car or ship sickness (Cocculus, Tabacum). Antidotes lead poisoning. Hair falling out. Herpes. Eczema. Psoriasis. Of special use where skin conditions have improved and gone away, but the person does not improve.

PETROSELINUM (Neptune)—Gonorrhea remedy that has accompanying urinary symptoms. Bladder infections (Cantharis).

PHOSPHORICUM ACIDUM (Neptune, Uranus)—Relieves Cancer pain. Mental exhaustion. Nervous exhaustion. Blue rings around eyes. Of great use to children who grow up rapidly, and who are overtaxed mentally or physically. Used when the person has been exposed to a debilitating acute or chronic disease, excesses of any kind (mental, emotional), grief or loss of vital fluids (blood, urine, excessive sweating, etc.), this remedy is excellent.

PHOSPHORUS (Pluto, Neptune, Mars, Mercury, Gemini)—Writer's block. Hemorrhage. Bad effects of anesthesia after surgery. Mental burn out (Kali. Phos.). Cataracts. Post-operative vomiting. Yellow Jaundice. Hepatitis. Uterine polyps. Hoarseness with pain. Pneumonia. Bronchitis. Joints suddenly give way. Scurvy. Skin fungus. NOTE: This remedy should never be used without the direct intervention of a homeopathic physician. NEVER give this remedy to someone who has a known case of Tuberculosis, or has had it in the past. It is dangerous!

PHYSOTIGMA (Uranus, Mars, Mercury)— Spinal injuries. Paralysis caused by spinal injury. Tetanus. Post-Diptheria paralysis. Spinal cord inflammation; polymyelitis. Cerebro-spinal meningitis. Night blindness.

PHYTOLACCA (Saturn, Mars, Pisces)—Mastitis. Retarded dentition—teeth slow in coming into mouth. Swollen lymph glands. Rheumatism. Diphtheria. Mumps. Swollen tonsils.

PILOCARPUS MICROPHYLLUS (Mars)— Limits duration of Mumps. Eye strain. White spots before eyes. Excessive perspiration from all parts of the body.

PLATINA (Neptune, Mars, Moon)—Sterility caused by ovary problems. Nymphomania. Pain in vaginal area. Ovaries sensitive and burning.

PLUMBUM METALLICUM (SaturnProgressive muscular atrophy. Gout. Loss of sexual power in males. Tinnitus. Distinct blue lines along margins of gums. Glaucoma.

PULSATILLA (Moon, Cancer, Virgo, Pisces)—

Measles. Mumps (if this remedy doesn't work, go to Rhus. Tox). Panic Attacks. Anxiety attacks. Styes. Runny, thin discharges of any kind—coming from eyes, ears, nose, mouth, urinary or anal.

RAPHANUS (Jupiter, Mars)—Post-operative gas pains or flatulence.

RHODODENDRON (Uranus, Mars)— Rheumatism. Swollen joints. Arthritis worse before a storm. Gout of toe joints. Tearing pain in all limbs. Neuralgia type pain of eye, orbit and head. Carpal tunnel of wrist (Ruta Grav. and Rhus Tox. may also help).

RHUS TOXICODENDRON (Neptune, Mars, Moon, 12th house)—Arthritis. Joints hot or swollen—better with motion. Rheumatic pains anywhere in body, bones, muscles or joints that are always better with motion and movement. Limb stiffness. Numbness of extremities. Typhoid. Cellulitis. Poison Oak (Rhus Venenata). Knee-joint tenderness. Bursitis. "Tennis Elbow." Chicken-poxHerpes zoster. Fever blisters around mouth.

RHUS VENENATA (Saturn, Mars)—Poison oak. (When Rhus Tox. does not cure it).

RUTA GRAVOLENS (Mars)—Tendon injuries. Sprains or strains (Arnica/Bellis Perennis). Cartilage injuries. Ganglia. Sciatica. Stiffness of hands and wrists. Arthritis. Pain in bones of feet and ankles. NOTE: All the above conditions are WORSE with movement.

SABADILLA (Neptune, Pisces)—Hayfever. Worm infections in children (Cina, Silica). Constant sneezing.

SCROPHULARIA NODOSA (Jupiter, Moon)—Breast cancer remedy. (Conium is another breast cancer remedy,) Hodgkin's disease. Painful hemorrhoids.

SCUTELLARIA LATERIFLORA (Uranus)— Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Gelsemium, Nat. Carb. may also work). Flu—after over it, great weakness.

SEPIA (Saturn, Moon, Gemini, Virgo, Pisces)— Chocolate craving before menses. Menopause. Morning sickness. Hot flashes (See: Lachesis, Folliculinum, Oophrinum, Platina).

SILICEA (Neptune, Saturn, Sagittarius, Pisces)—Wounds that refuse to heal (Sulphur). Abscesses. Boils. Ganglia. Eliminates scar tissue (Graphites.) Fissures. Nails crack. Bursa. Tumors. Nodes. Keloid scars. Sciatica, White spots on nails. Sore feet. NOTE: Do not give this remedy to anyone who has a transplanted organ or pace-maker in their body—it will expel them! Do NOT give this remedy to anyone with a known history of Tuberculosis or who has it presently.

STAPHYSAGRIA (Pluto, Mars, Moon, Scorpio, 12th house)—Rape. Anger. Suppressed anger.

(Also, Nat. Mur.) Colic after anger in children. Sexually molested babies/children. Helps the anger to get out and not allow it to be suppressed for decades.

STRAMONIUM (Neptune, Mercury, -12th house)—Stammering. Talkative. Delusions, hears voices, sees ghosts, hears voices and talks with spirits. Violent and lewd. Delirium tremens.

SULPHUR (Pluto, Saturn)—Allergic to milk which causes diarrhea. Forgetful. Difficult to think. Relapse remedy (Gelsemium). Hang nails. Eczema. Psoriasis,

SYMPHYTUM (Saturn)—Healing of bone fractures. Bones that won't heal. Blows to the eye (Aconite). Tendon, ligament injuries. Pain in knees. Knee injuries,

TABACUM (Neptune)—Motion sickness of any kind. (Cocculus, Petroleum,) Allergy to tobacco of any kind. Vomiting during pregnancy.

TARENTULA HISPANIA (Uranus, Mercury)—Multiple Sclerosis. Epilepsy of a hysterical origin. Hysteria. Extreme restlessness.

TARAXACUM (Jupiter, Virgo)—Bladder cancer.

TELLURIUM (Neptune)—Ringworm. (Nat. Mur. and Sepia will also help this condition.) Sciatica. Eczema behind ear. Herpes circinatus.

Tendon contraction in knees. Eczema.

TEREBINTHINA (Neptune, Mars)—Worms or parasites accompanied with foul odor on breath. Bright's disease (kidney). Dropsy (excessive liquid in some part of the body).

THUJA OCCIDENTALS (Moon)—Warts; large, seedy or pedunculated. After-effects of any vaccination reaction. If child has never been well after any vaccination, this remedy should be considered. Gonorrhea.

URTICA URENS (Mars)—First degree burns. Rheumatism associated with rash-like skin eruption. Antidotes ill-effects of eating shell fish. Gout. Uric acid. Herpes labialis. Chicken pox. Bums or scalds of a first degree nature.

VERATRUM ALBUM (Uranus)—Post-operative shock (Aconite). Cholera. Violent vomiting and/or diarrhea.

VIBURNUM OPULUS (Uranus, Moon)— Prevents miscarriage. Colic. Menstrual cramps.

VIBURNUM PRUNIFOLIUM (Uranus, Neptune)—Tongue cancer. Hiccoughs.

VIPERA (Neptune, Saturn)—Phlebitis, with legs hanging down. Liver enlargement. Polyneuritis. Polio-myelitis.

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