If there is such a thing as a higher octave to Saturn, it is Kronos. In mythology Kronos was the father of the gods—the oldest, wisest and most powerful. And a well-placed Kronos in a chart usually gives a generous helping of wisdom to the lucky individual .

Kronos also represents mastery, management, rulership, teaching and positions of authority. In mundane astrology a well-placed Kronos is often in the charts of heads of states, presidents and princes. It can very often indicate a brush with the government (including the IRS), justice officials, the law and bureaucracy in general. It can also mean a lawsuit or questioning by someone in high authority.

The negative manifestion of Kronos is that it can involve a lot of ridiculous red tape or paper work typical of our governmental bureaucracy. Kronos may also bestow a person with a smug image: he or she may be an elitist, who believes to be above the law.

At this point of research Kronos has very little to do with health conditions. Instead, with the best placement it can indicate a good doctor and can thus help insure the best medical treatment. A medical astrologer may want to examine the surgeon's chart for a strong and wetl-aspected Kronos to determine his or her mastery of the craft. When surgery is to be performed, if progressed Kronos is conjunct another planet, it will very often indicate that the individual will get through the operation because of the steady hands of the physician. Thus it is a good indicator of recovery because of a surgeon's skill.

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