Jupiter Uranus

Because Uranus rules all spasm conditions of the body, tics, tremors, twitches and some types of noncalctum-related cramping may occur when Jupiter is in hard aspect with Uranus and an individual is under stress. As a result there may be sporadic needs for vitamin B-6 and pangamic acid, both ruled by Jupiter, to relieve such symptoms. There is also speculation about greater needs of biotin and inositol when there is sudden stress.

With Uranus ruling part of the nervous system as well, a Jupiter-Uranus hard aspect may indicate sporadic needs for zinc, manganese and cholin when there is stress. Zinc has been found very necessary for the continued health of the nerves. In addition, there is conjecture that epilepsy can be linked to a lack of zinc. And the nerve-related disease myasthenis gravis may be linked to deficiencies of manganese or cholin, especially if there is an accompanying hard aspect from Saturn and either Jupiter or Uranus is in Aquarius.

Finally, with Jupiter in hard aspect to Uranus and an additional hard aspect from Mars, there is the potential for sugar problems brought on by sudden, unexpected emotional stress: the involvement of Mars implicates the adrenal glands. Therefore, there may be sporadic needs for extra chromium to keep up health.

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