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Jupiter in hard aspect with Pluto in a natal chart may lead to a severe and continued vitamin or mineral deficiency all of a person's fife. Since both Pluto and Jupiter represent voracious appetites, more can possibly go wrong with a hard aspect between these planets, especially a conjunction, than with any other combination of planets. The gluttony signified by these planets will probably go unchecked unless Saturn is strongly and well-aspected. The only position where some of these gluttonous tendencies may be decreased is in the Twelfth House, where some of the innate needs of Jupiter and Pluto are tamed down.

For instance, with a hard aspect between Jupiter and Pluto there may be a severe deficiency of vitamin B-6, chromium, cholin and pangamic acid as well as inositol, biotin, sulfur and manganese. Insufficient chromium or vitamin B-6 may result in sugar ailments. With Pluto involved, allergies may also occur from a lack of vitamin B-6. And a severe deficiency of vitamin B-6 may cause depletion of other vitamins in the vitamin B complex. Moreover, if Jupiter or Pluto is in Libra, there may be an imbalance in the metabolic rate, with a chromium deficiency affecting the carbohydrate functions. A lack of cholin may halt the enzymatic action of the liver. And there is speculation that the endocrine system, ruled by Pluto, may be adversely affected by insufficient pangamic acid.

Zinc may also be deficient, possibly causing a variety of disorders. If the sign Scorpio is involved in a man's chart, there is the potential for sexual dysfunction. There may also be loss of fertility with a hard aspect from Saturn. Prostate problems with a hard aspect from Mars and one of the planets in Scorpio is another possibility. In addition, there can be enzyme malfunctions. And there may be blood problems of a chronic nature with a hard aspect from Saturn.

Finally, orotic acid (Pluto) may be needed in larger-than-normal dosages for health maintenance. A lack of the vitamin may be the root cause of liver dysfunction. And with a hard aspect from Saturn and either Jupiter or Pluto in Aquarius there is the potential for multiple sclerosis, possibly caused by a deficiency of orotic acid or manganese.

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