Jupiter Neptune

If Jupiter is in hard aspect with Neptune, acom-panied by a hard aspect from Saturn, the body is prone to infection in general, and there may be serious ailments. For example, there may be problems with the white blood cells, such as anemia, leukemia or leukopenia, or problems with the red blood cells in the form of polycythemia—all disorders related to an imbalance of zinc or manganese. There is also the potential for zinc or manganese poisoning.

Cancer is another possibility with Jupiter in hard aspect to Neptune. Tumors may develop. And cancer of the liver is conceivable if either planet is in Virgo with an accompanying hard aspect from either Saturn or Pluto. There is some speculation that an individual with a Jupiter-Neptune hard aspect in a natal chart may have a greater-than-normal need for nitriloside foods in the diet to stay free of cancer.

Since Neptune rules drugs in general, alcoholism, related to a deficiency of pangamic acid, may be a problem with a hard aspect between Jupiter and Neptune, especially if the sign Pisces is involved. The administration of drugs may result in other problems. For instance, oral antibiotics may destroy the biotin production in the intestinal tract. And the intake of other drugs may destroy inositol, thereby creating hair loss, high blood cholesterol or possibly diabetes: the lack of inositol may be undiagnosed as the root cause of the disease.

With Neptune's deceptive nature, a chromium deficiency may also be masked when there is a hard aspect with Jupiter. Blood sugar levels should be checked to determine if hyper- or hypoglycemia is a problem caused by insufficient chromium, especially if Saturn is in hard aspect.

Furthermore, especially with Saturn in hard aspect, the thymus gland may be weakened from a deficiency of cholin. If, instead, Mars is in hard aspect, adrenal exhaustion may result because of the loss of vitamin B-6 and pantothenic acid (Neptune). Or, with either Jupiter or Neptune in Pisces, painful, itching feet may occur, indicating higher amounts of pantothenic acid needed for daily maintenance of bodily functions.

Finally, Jupiter in favorable aspect to Neptune (conjunction, sextile or trine) implies very good absorption of synthetic or natural nutrients, regardless of whether or not Saturn is in hard aspect.

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