Vitamins: B-6, biotin, cholin, inositol and pangamic acid (vitamin B-15). ; ! Minerals: Chromium, manganese and zinc.

The word expansion is usually applied to Jupiter. In medical terms Jupiterian expansion means overeating and lack of control. Whereas Venus rules our taste buds and how we react to certain foods, Jupiter tends to make for gluttons. Jupiter-ruled people may overeat rich foods that are usually high in acid:

sooner or later uric acid gathers in the body and gout is the result. Jupiter can also indicate swelling, abnormal expansion or too much of something.

Along with Virgo, which governs the splitting up actions within the organ, Jupiter has subdominion over the liver. When liver damage is apparent, a lack of cholin and/or inositol could be indicated since these two vitamins combine to make lecithin, which in turn breaks down the fats and dispenses with them so that they don't clog up the liver. Insufficient amounts of either cholin or inositol can cause cirrhosis of the liver. Pangamic acid may help in the alleviation of certain liver ailments, such as cirrhosis or hepatitis.

Jupiter also rules the fats of the body, their process of breaking down through enzyme reaction and their proper utilization. Cholin is integrally linked with the proper use and assimilation of fats in the body. Inositol, too, is essential for proper metabolization or fats. Another vitamin instrumental in breaking down fats for utilization within the body is B-6. And if Jupiter is found in Gemini, one must suspect a potential problem in the arterial duct work, since Gemini rules the tubing of the body: that placement of Jupiter, linked with a deficiency of vitamin B-6, could initiate atherosclerosis (fats or cholesterol clogging the arteries of the body and impairing circulation). The "new" vitamin—pangamic acid—also has much to do with prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis. Cholesterol levels, another Jupiter phenomenon, are somewhat controlled by the amount of pangamic acid in the tissue; furthermore, pangamic acid helps regulate the fat and carbohydrate metabolism. Manganese is also essential in determining how much cholesterol inhabits the body at any given time. This mineral is an essential regulator of fatty acids, cholesterol and glucose metabolisms—all Jupiter-related functions.

Jupiter is tied into the carbohydrate processes in general. Astrological-medical research indicates that people who have sugar-related problems usually exhibit a hard-aspected Jupiter, which can indicate a possible deficiency of chromium, a mineral also concerned with synthesis of fatty acids and cholesterol as well as helping to prevent arteries from hardening. Zinc, found in insulin, is also vital to proper carbohydrate metabolism, as is the vitamin biotin.

Zinc has traditionally been considered to be ruled by Uranus, but according to the functions of zinc and the characteristics of Uranus, the two don't belong together. Along with Mercury, Uranus rules the central nervous system. It can be involved medically with spasm, cramping, acute jerking or convulsive movements. Even a severe deficiency of zinc does not manifest such symptoms.

Jupiter is a more likely planet for zinc's ruler-ship, especially since zinc plays such an important part in the carbohydrate system. Zinc is also involved with fertility, which, although a Moon-phenomenon, is still an effort of expansion on a physical basis, and expansion is Jupiter's forte. Not enough zinc can also stunt one's bone growth. Whereas dwarfism is a Saturnian affliction, Jupiter encourages growth and extension of the human frame. For now, Jupiter seems the logical choice to rule zinc, until we know more about zinc and its functions within the body; then the controversy surrounding the rulership of this mineral may be cleared up. , » .

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