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a gallstone and have the pains originating in the area of the abdomen. Although I had seen several cases of gallstones involving pains shooting down the arms, under either shoulder blade or in the region of the heart, I had not encountered a reflex action to the abdomen. But Jessica did have bloating shortly after eating—another sign of a sluggish gallbladder. I put "gallstones" down on her Med-Scan sheet, intending to suggest that she get a cholecystography test to determine whether or not the gallbladder was affected.

Neptune in Libra: This placement can mean weak or poor kidney function, weakened kidneys from illness or heredity and poor filtering of urea from the blood, causing anemia. It suggested to me that some of Jessica's anemia could possibly be cleared up by cleaning out her kidneys, although I knew such a cleansing alone would not cure the anemia: there were other deficiencies contributing to the disease.

The Progressed Chart (See Figures 18 and 19)

In 1975 when Jessica was 24, she had a D and C.

At that time progressed Jupiter was conjunct natal Hades.

In 1976 when Jessica was 25, she had a laparotomy. At that time progressed Uranus was conjunct the natal Sun, a well-known operation axis; progressed Admetos was conjunct the natal Ascendant, mirroring the frustration and fears she was experiencing; progressed Mercury was conjunct natal Mars; and progressed Vulcanus was conjunct natal Neptune, suggesting misdiagnosis or confusion.

When Jessica had her ruptured appendix in 1977 at the age of 26, progressed Neptune was conjunct the Ascendant, signifying possible misdiagnosis in a woman; the progressed Sun was conjunct the natal Midheaven, showing the seriousness of the risk to her life; progressed Pluto was conjunct natal Mars, a dangerous configuration that can at times spell the death of an individual; progressed Kronos was conjunct natal Apollon, a picture that can indicate misdiagnosis on the part of a doctor; progressed Mars was conjunct natal Uranus, a common operation axis; progressed Venus was conjunct natal Neptune, hinting that she could have died of poisoning;



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and progressed Vulcanus was conjunct natal Admetos, suggesting the presence of a major, hidden illness.

When Jessica had her second diagnostic laparoscopy in 1978 at the age of 27, progressed Hades was conjunct natal Zeus and progressed Zeus was conjunct natal Venus. These two configurations can indicate the worsening of reproductive problems, which was the case when Jessica underwent the surgery.

Examination of the progressed chart revealed several potentially relevant midpoint structures.

Mo/Ne-Pl: In the charts of women this configuration suggests a possible endocrine disorder that goes undetected as well as edema or water-weight problems. Jessica certainly had those problems. But what I felt was more important was that this structure probably affected her ability to conceive with ease. It can represent inherent weakness in the female reproductive system. In addition, Pluto can stand for tumors and cysts, which she had on her left ovary.

Ne/Ze- Ve: Although I had no specific information for this midpoint structure, I surmised that with Neptune in the picture once again, and with the presence of Zeus, representing the seed of life, conception was going to be difficult. I also felt Venus, ruling vitamin E, might be partly responsible for Jessica's inability to conceive because she suffered from a deficiency in that vitamin.

Me/Ne-Ap: This configuration can indicate a person who is highly strung, with sensitive nerves. Despite Aquarius rising and the Sun in Scorpio, Jessica is very sensitive.

Ne/Pl-Ap: Having no specific information on this structure, I conjectured that it hinted at multiple weaknesses, perhaps endocrine disorders plus problems with tumors.

Su/Ne-Ha: Ailments involving water retention of the body, edema, drug overdose or drug side effects, weakening of the physical body and susceptibility to infections or viral strains are all suggested by this configuration. Jessica had water retention, repeated and chronic yeast infections and drug-

induced tumors. Note that once again Neptune is involved. Any time one planet recurs in midpoint structures, the medical astrologer can surmise that it wields great power over all. Neptune rules misdiagnosis, drug sensitivity, infections and atonic conditions.

Ve/Ha-Ze: This configuration suggests an inability to conceive because of a disease of the reproductive system. This midpoint structure, then, reaffirms others. Whenever two or three pictures indicate essentially the same problem, the chances are strongly increased that the problem exists.

Ur/PI-Ma: A severe, sudden and debilitating accident may occur with this midpoint picture. When Jessica's appendix ruptured, progressed Pluto con-juncted Mars, indicating the seriousness of the situation and the potential for death.

Ha/Tr-Ma: Although I had no information for this configuration, since it is on the same tree as Ur/Pl-Ma, I felt it indicated big trouble. In my opinion this particular tree is a very dangerous one for Jessica and must be closely watched. Hades could worsen the situation, and Transpluto could mean a matter of life or death.

Su-Vu: These two planets are in opposition in Jessica's natal chart. With Vulcanus representing easily mishandled cosmic force, I wanted to keep an eye on this combination because it could mean an operation in the right circumstances. For instance, Jessica had her laporotomy when progressed Uranus conjuncted the Sun in September 1976.

Me/Ap-Ad: With no information about this picture I was somewhat mystified about its meaning. Since Mercury rules the nerves in general, I surmised that it simply pointed to Jessica's innate sensitivity and her ability to react under duress. Later on I was to be proven very wrong.

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