Hypericum Mercury Uranus

Made from the herb, St. John's Wort, this remedy's sphere is centered in the nerves of the body. Dental pain is especially helped.

Pain (any nerve-like pain associated with any type of trauma from tooth extraction, crushed toe or finger, skin abrasion to post-operative pain) Tooth extraction (kills pain afterward) Fractures (takes away pain. Use Arnica to reduce swelling and finish up with Bellis Perennis) Post-surgery pain Concussions of brain or spine Eye injury

Burns (relieves pain—can use ointment form or take tablets)

Wounds (puncture, incised, lacerated) Insect bites/stings (if there is pain shooting upward from bite/sting; if not, use Apis) Earache

Hemorrhoids (for pain associated with) Bell's Palsy (7th facial nerve in face) Dental surgery (of any kind—use before and after surgery)

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