if Vitamins: Orotic acid (vitamin B-13). e Pluto rules life and death. It reflects a transfora mation of cells—a continual proliferation and e regeneration or the complete halt of all activity, thus ! inducing death.

f* j On a positive level Pluto helps insure vital and r basic changes in metabolism and genetics as well as t continued, unbroken chemical processes that even-

p | tually transmute and make us functioning and

; healthy human bodies.

In negative terms Pluto can result in a lack of p j communication at the very basic levels of many

; diverse metabolic, enzymic and genetic functions.

Hence diseases of a deteriorative nature that we f j could interpret as complete transformations of our

I bodies could occur. That is, depending upon the aspects between Pluto and other planets, we could go from strong to weak, from healthy bodies to deformed bodies, from coordination to a lack of coordination, from healthy red blood cells to abnormal-sized red blood cells or from normal white blood cell count to abnormal white blood cell count under Pluto's influence.

The planet is also concerned with the most minute, subatomic particles and how they fit into the schematic of our bodily functions. It affects the molecules, their relationships to a larger molecular structure, their eventual catalytic change into carbohydrates, lipids, proteins or nucleic acids and their eventual formation into more complex chains that all are related to our most basic bodily functions.

Pluto also rules enzyme production as well as the size and shape of red and white blood cells, the bases of our health concerns: a sick cell spells trouble in a big way sooner or later, usually later.

Pluto's most important function, though, is rulership of the endocrine system. Without the glands functioning well with one another the rest of the body is going to feel out of sorts. A strongly aspected Pluto or one near the Ascendant or Midheaven can indicate potential endocrine-related ailments. We then need to look for which gland is malfunctioning. For example, if Pluto is found in Aries, the pineal gland may be affected; in Taurus, the thyroid; in Cancer, the posterior pituitary gland; in Virgo, the pancreas and/or spleen; in Scorpio, the testes or ovaries; in Capricorn, the anterior pituitary gland and in Pisces, the lymph gland system.

Finally, Pluto rules the subconscious depths of our minds. If we persist in keeping a lot of negative emotional reactions hidden in our subconscious minds, sooner or later they will fester and alter our physical health in much the same way an afflicted Moon will.

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