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A diet high in calcium is especially helpful to ar-thritics, the elderly suffering from porus or brittle bones and younger children who have allergies to milk. Following is a list of foods high in calcium, with an asterisk (*) indicating those foods with extremely high calcium contents.

cream of wheat shrimp flour macaroni and cheese

*sockeye salmon soy dried apricots dried dates


rolled oat flakes

roasted liver

buckwheat pancakes

dried almonds

cheddar cheese

*Brazil nuts

roquefort cheese


brick cheese

sesame seeds

cottage cheese

sesame butter

edam cheese

club sandwich

♦Gruyere cheese


bonemeal tablets

♦baked custard

tomato sauce

canned evaporated milk

cooked beet


skim dry instant milk


fresh goat's milk

garbanzos or chick peas



blackstrap molasses

dandelion greens

♦custard pie



mustard greens


raw parsley

cooked or raw oysters

raw or cooked soybeans


turnip greens

♦pink salmon

A person should not make meals out of just the foods listed above or a deficiency in other nutrients may result in the long run. Furthermore, many of these calcium-laden foods are either mucous-producing if taken in excess (e.g., dairy products) or high in acid (fish and seafood).

For best results with this diet a person should take a vitamin D supplement (of the fish liver oil variety) regularly to insure that the extra calcium is going to be absorbed by the body. In addition, he or she should eat no refined sugar but use natural honey sparingly as a substitute. A dieter should eat small meals, with no heaping portions, and chew the food thoroughly before swallowing,

I suggest a menu that includes a glass of freshly squeezed orange or grapefruit juice with 'A lemon added for breakfast. Lunch should be the biggest meal of the day, consisting of four ounces of meat (perferably fish or chicken), a fresh salad, cheese or cottage cheese and a dessert such as custard, nuts or cheese. Dinner should consist of a fresh fruit salad with a honey-baked yam or sweet potato. Acceptable desserts are baked apples, apple pie made with V* cups of honey and fresh fruits. Desserts should be eaten Vz hour after a meal. Moreover, no liquids should be drunk with meals but, instead, consumed at least Vi hour before or after a meal. All fish should be steamed or baked.

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