Hepar Sulphur Calcareum Neptune Gemini Pisces

Made from Calcareum Sulphide, this remedy should be thought of for people who, like the plaster of paris the remedy is made from, build protective walls to hide within to protect themselves from the pain of the world around them. Any kind of thick yellow mucus discharge, this remedy should be used.

Skin ailments (any kind of lingering skin condition which may have eruptions or boils, festers easily) Cold sores

Earache (stitching-type pains, sore throat, desire for heat, nothing pleases) Nose (ulcerated or sore)

Cough (suffocating-type of cough, croupy and discharge is thick, ropy, yellow or yellow-green in color) Croup (if it doesn't work within an hour, try Aconite or Spongia)

Toothache (teeth sensitive to touch) Gums (bleed easily)

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