Hard Aspects Of The Ascendant

The First House cusp is an important health consideration in a natal or progressed chart. The Ascendant is medically the most sensitive angle in a chart, with the Midheaven as a close second. (A planet within 10 degrees of either side of the Midheaven is, in essence, shining down upon the individual; and if that planet has three or more hard aspects to it, it may be strongly involved in an individual's health.)

The conjunction is the most significant hard aspect in terms of the Ascendant. Any planet found within 10 degrees of either side of the Ascendant may have a serious effect on the health of an individual. The outer planets particularly indicate health hazards when they are conjunct the Ascendant. Other hard aspects to the Ascendant appear to have much less medical power, although research needs to be conducted in this area, particularly with the minor hard aspects. But if enough hard aspects hit the Ascendant, there may be a potential health problem involving that sign, regardless if a planet is conjunct this angle or not.

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