Hard Aspects Of Saturn Saturn Uranus

With a hard aspect between Saturn and Uranus there may be sporadic needs for the vitamins and minerals ruled by Saturn—vitamin C, bioflavonoids, vitamin K, PABA, calcium fluorine and sulfur. The high requirements for the nutrients will usually be brought on by sudden stress situations, such as surgery or emotional duress.

Furthermore, since Uranus rules Aquarius, there may be problems with the legs with a hard aspect between Saturn and Uranus. For example, varicose veins may occur, perhaps aided by dosages of bioflavonoids. Or there may be spasms in the legs related to a deficiency of calcium.

With Uranus involved spasms are always suspect. In the case of a hard aspect with Saturn the spasms may be caused by insufficient calcium. If Uranus is in Scorpio, especially retrograde, there may be spasms of the colon, inducing constipation, particularly with an accompanying hard aspect from the Sun or the Moon, ruling magnesium and potassium respectively.

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