Hard Aspects Of Pluto

Pluto represents immoderation in all matters. When it is heavily aspected in a natal chart, that person tends to be an intense workaholic or athlete who stresses the body to the limits of physical exertion. In addition, when Pluto is in hard aspect, especially in conjunction, there appears to be voracious long-term needs for specific vitamins or minerals.

Conversely, a hard aspect of Pluto can imply that the person is getting too much of some vitamin or mineral. For instance, Mars conjunct Pluto may mean the person is getting too much iron, causing poisoning. Proper tests should be conducted to determine if there is a deficiency or an overload of a nutrient: the tests, of course, should be monitored by a doctor to make sure no overdose of any supplement occurs.

Any hard aspect to Pluto from another planet can also suggest potential degeneration of some basic cycle within the body, eventually bringing on chronic, slow changes. If severe enough, the transformation can induce death.

Another consideration with Pluto in hard aspect is potential endocrine problems.

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