Hard Aspect Of Venus Venus Mars

There is the potential for a lack of vitamin E (Venus) when Venus is in hard aspect with Mars, The deficiency may be aggravated by the ingestion of too much chlorinated water, since Mars rules chlorine and overdoses of that mineral can destroy vitamin E in the body. Vitamin E also needs fatty acids (Mars) for assimilation, and there may be a lack of these fatty acids, especially if there is a hard aspect from Saturn as well; thus the normal functions of the glands, particularly the thyroid and the adrenals, could be interrupted, and the kidney (Venus) could malfunction. With Mars governing the adrenal glands, insufficient vitamin E and fatty acids could cause low secretion of hormones, affecting the sexual drive.

Of course, with insufficient vitamin E a person can suffer skin ailments, especially since there may also be a deficiency of folic acid and/or selenium, both ruled by Mars, With an attending hard aspect from Saturn, wrinkling may occur, and insufficient selenium may precipitate the aging process. In addition, scars from burns (always a possibility when

Mars is in aspect) may need applications of vitamin E to heal properly. And if Uranus is also in aspect, scars from surgery or accidents may require applications of vitamin E,

With an accompanying hard aspect from Saturn there could also be poor absorption of iron (Mars) because of insufficient vitamin E, necessary to assimilate natural iron. A hard aspect from Neptune could create a potential negative chemical reaction between vitamin E and iron, too, if the iron is from an inorganic source.

When Mars is in hard aspect, blood disorders are always possible. There is speculation that with a hard aspect between Venus and Mars menstrual irregularities, such as decrease or cessation, may be linked to a dual need of vitamins E and B-12 (Mars), especially if a hard aspect from Saturn is present. With Saturn involved there may also be problems with the veins, such as high blood pressure, possible hemorrhaging or stroke. High blood pressure is especially probable, since the kidneys help control the blood pressure. Hardening of the arteries is another possibility, which may be avoided through the use of less sodium and more vitamins E and C (Saturn). An accompanying hard aspect from Saturn can also indicate that the cobalt-copper (MarsVenus) relationship is out of balance, inducing anemia that an iron supplement alone will not cure. An imbalance of copper can result in other problems. A deficiency in copper may create poor iron absorption. High concentrations of copper might induce a deficiency of molybdenum (Mars), especially with an accompanying hard aspect from Saturn; on the other hand, a hard aspect from Pluto could hint at an excess of molybdenum, creating a deficiency of copper.

With a hard aspect between Venus and Mars there may also be insufficient niacin (Venus). Too little niacin in the body may be caused from lack of phosphorus (Mars) to help niacin become assimilated. Especially with a hard aspect from Saturn or Pluto the calcium-phosphorus metabolism may be out of balance. The tendency to eat too many sweets or white sugar products will also generally interfere with phosphorus assimilation. At any rate, a deficiency of phosphorus can deplete the niacin, causing such problems as swollen lips, sore tongue, canker sores, trench mouth or migraine headaches— all Mars-related problems.

Other disorders indicated by a hard aspect between Venus and Mars are an acid-alkaline imbalance, especially with a hard aspect from Pluto; dropsy, correctable in part with dosages of vitamin B-12 and folic acid; reproductive problems caused by a deficiency of selenium, if a hard aspect to the Moon and/or Saturn is also present; muscle damage that may be chronic, debilitating or transforming in nature, occurring because of a lack of vitamin E, if Saturn and Pluto are also implicated.

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