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Hades is the planet of sorrow, widows, orphans and grief in general. It rules disintegration, waste, bacteria, depletion, erosion, regression, withering, shriveling and decay. Above all others Hades is one planet that should be treated with all the seriousness the medical astrologer can muster. More than any other planet it hints at the threat of a worsening of a condition or death: through disintegration comes a leveling or breaking down, which left unchecked may mean death. In medical diagnosis I've never seen a time yet that Hades could be totally circumvented. That is, the person will more than likely take ill. By forewarning the person and getting him or her to a doctor for tests, we can modify the projected illness but never totally halt it.

To put it into slang, Hades is literally like "opening up a can of worms." When progressed Hades conjuncts another planet, it is as if the lid of some problem or illness is ripped off and comes into the glaring light of discovery. In death Hades, like Saturn and Pluto, will frequently be activated in midpoint structures over and over again.

Hades is somewhat like Saturn in that it implies long-term ailments, those that take a long time in building and changing and an equally long period to cure or control. But 1 consider Hades' threat of devastation more serious than Saturn's. Saturn inflicts damage, but Hades seems to leave little for anyone to work with once it has wreaked its own brand of havoc. It produces vast and long-range effects on the illness it brings forth.

In passing and in fairness to this planet, Hades does have a positive side. A strong Hades may be found in the charts of many medical people—doctors in particular, as well as psychologists and therapists. Hades implies the analyzing process that is necessary to these professions: it is involved with pieces, puzzles, th? breaking down of parts. A doctor can see broken bones and mutilated muscles yet have the ability to put them all back together like so many pieces in a puzzle. I would readily trust a doctor with a strong Hades to ferret out and find the root of a problem, whereas a doctor without a strong Hades might grope around a long time trying to discover the root cause. Zeus

Somewhat like a higher octave of Mars, Zeus seems to be involved in a number of various medical conditions, among them, the procreative urge and conception. Zeus represents leadership., the start of something—the beginning of a seed mating with the ovum to create a child or the beginning of an ailment.

In another way Zeus is almost always prominent in the charts of people who either get burned in fires or wounded by firearms; it may also be implicated in operations. From five years of observation, I have found that Zeus is not so much involved within the ailment as being the cause of it. For instance, burns may result from steam partially brought on by the influence of Zeus; explosions, fires or wounds may result from gun shots, also influenced by Zeus.

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