Gelsemium Jupiter Neptune

Made from the Yellow Jasmine shrub, Gel-semium is known as the "RELAPSE REMEDY"— any kind of relapse, whether it be acute or chronic. For instance, reappearance of a cold, flu, bronchitis or pneumonia can be stopped with this remedy. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is often helped by this remedy and is known to stop a relapse from occurring.

Flu (shivering, stiffness, heaviness of limbs and headaches; not thirsty)

Summer cold (from change in weather, may be chills up and down spine)

Headache (as if band around the head, hammering at back of head, heaviness of eyelids) Migraines

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Sore throat (swollen, difficulty in swallowing with pain shooting from throat to ear when swallowing, no thirst)

Fear (paralyzed with fear) Eye strain (eyeballs sore, lids droop and feel heavy; vision dims)

Fever (no thirst, head is very hot with headache, wants it dark and quiet)

Hay fever (eyes hot and heavy, sneezing, throat tickle and dry; pain in ear (s) if swallows) Measles (with very high fever or delirium) Depression (after the flu* listless or anxiety over forthcoming ordeal/stress)

Menopause (when periods are late and scanty, heaviness in womb as if being crushed or squeezed)

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