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The Progressed Chart(Figure 9)

When Ray had his tonsils removed at age 23, progressed Mars was conjunct natal Admetos in his 90-degree chart. I'm sure he was feeling quite miserable during the six months leading up to this operation because Admetos hints at a condition that gradually builds to an intolerable level.

At age 41 Ray had a hemorrhoid operation. At that time progressed Zeus was quite active—conjunct his natal Mars. Zeus can sometimes pinpoint the time of an operation. With Mars and Vulcanus involved I don't believe there was any choice other than to operate. Progressed Vulcanus conjunct the natal Sun lends an air of cosmic inevitability: probably only an operation could have brought Ray's condition back to normalcy.

In February of 1978 at the time of Ray's first heart attack progressed Uranus sat at the midpoint between Zeus, Admetos and Pluto. This powerful configuration probably helped to make the attack a severe one.

The chart also showed that progressed Saturn was going to conjunct the midpoint of the natal

Midheaven in August of 1978. I've frequently seen the Midheaven involved in many serious injuries and/or deaths. In Uranian astrology it is considered the "I" or ego for this lifetime.

When Meg contacted me in March of 1978 to do the Med-Scan, she confided that she felt Ray was going to die within the year. After studying the progressed chart I concurred with her findings. This was one of the rare times that I gave a date for the death of an individual. Almost 100 per cent of the time I do not believe it is wise to predict a date. But Meg is a thoroughly accomplished astrologer, who knows her craft as well as I do. To lie and say Ray would not die would have offended her professionalism. I told her that his death would occur by December of 1978. At that time progressed Mars would conjunct natal Uranus, and I've seen that configuration active many times during heart attacks, when an individual suddenly has a seizure and is dead within a matter of moments.

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