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When I saw Jessica after going over her chart, the first thing I told her was not to go in for the laparotomy until she could get a cholecystography to determine if she had gallstones. She looked at me strangely and confided with relief that she just didn't feel good about going in for the exploratory surgery. She agreed to postpone it and ask her specialist for the gallbladder test.

I then listed the nutritional supplements I felt she needed, telling her to have the list approved by a physician. I suggested she start taking vitamin E and zinc, both extremely helpful in restoring fertility. I also recommended vitamin A, riboflavin, vitamin B-6, vitamin B-12 and pantothenic acid, all good for getting rid of vaginal yeast infections. I wrote down potassium as essential for her water-weight problem; I felt she was water-retentive because her sodium-potassium exchange was out of balance. And I suggested an oiltype lecithin because two capsules with each meal work wonders for people who have no gallbladder or poor bile secretion or are susceptible to cholesterol type stones in their gallbladders: oil-perle lecithin helps reduce bloating and gas during and after meals.

Since one of the best and safest ways to open up the kidneys is vinegar, I recommended that Jessica ask her doctor if she could have two glasses of vinegar a day to start losing weight. I also cautioned her against eating a lot of fried foods because the gallbladder has problems producing adequate amounts of lecithin to emulsify the fats.

When Jessica requested a cholecystography, the doctor refused to perform it, saying that she didn't have any gallstones. She then sought out a woman doctor who agreed to give her the test. Here are the results sent to me from her doctor: "Oral Telepaque study revealed satisfactory concentrating function. Within the gallbladder, there was a radiolucent filling defect that measured 1 cm. in diameter, and which was basically radiolucent or cholesterol type. Cholelith within functioning gallbladder."

Needless to say, her specialist was shocked. So was Jessica, And frankly so was I. Medical astrology had worked. The doctor suggested surgery, but I quickly vetoed the idea, saying there was a good chance we could melt the stone down with lecithin. Jessica agreed to try the lecithin, since she didn't want any more operations at that point: she was tired of getting cut on. Furthermore, her belief in her doctors was fairly tarnished.

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Get Rid of Gallstones Naturally

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