Final Analysis

From experience I hated having to deal with a strong progressed Neptune in anyone's chart: it meant that I could be just as wrong as the three other doctors who had already been involved in Todd's case. But I was fairly sure that the endocrine glands were implicated, and I strongly suspected a poison in his system.

I still hadn't determined, however, what substance was causing the poisoning. I had Susan call to ask if the child had a high salt intake, what kind of water he drank and if he ate fish, cabbage or nuts. I was trying to find out if a poison in the food or water could be disturbing his entire metabolism—for instance, cyanide in the water or food. Afterwards I reexamined the Saturn-Pluto square for a long, long time. Finally, I focused on metal, specifically Saturn-ruled lead, as the probable cause of poisoning. This time I called Todd's mother direct. She told me that Todd chewed on a lot of plastic toys. I told her to get those toys tested and to get him in for a heavy metals test as well as the other tests I had suggested for the parathyroid, thymus and adrenal glands.

Because Todd was allergic to 90 per cent of the foods a child normally eats, I decided not to suggest that he get on a diet I usually recommend for people with strong Mutable Crosses in their charts—one rich in fruits and vegetables, very light in meat and without refined sugar. But I informed Todd's mother of the diet in hopes that after the allergies were under control Todd could eat such foods.

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