Figure 24 Bobbys Progressed Chart

Progressed Zeus conjunct natal Mars: This configuration represents a kind of rebirth—in Bobby's case his enlightenment through his visits to the therapist.

At the time I saw Bobby his progressed Sun was going to conjunct his natal Hades in approximately three months—not much lead time for helping the boy. And within the next 1 years progressed Hades was going to conjunct natal Mercury and Neptune. So, I didn't expect great results from his program for about two years.

Looking at the Uranian planets and midpoint structures in the 90-degree wheel, I was to understand the nature of Bobby's disturbed brain-wave patterns a little better. I also discovered that Mercury was quite active in the various structures.

Mo/Ad-Me: This midpoint structure can indicate a negative or pessimistic outlook on life.

Pl/Ad-Me: Progressed Saturn to this configuration may trigger a long-term, hidden endocrine problem.

Me/Ne-Su/Ma: Although I had no information on this picture, I felt perhaps it represented a weakening of the electrical currents in the brain. The Sun, life-giver, and Mars, the engine, in such a configuration could be partially responsible for Bobby's motor nerve damage.

Su/Me-Ha: Although I had no information on this structure either, to me it suggested that Bobby's mental processes might be interfered with at some time, causing him great distress.

These pictures involving Mercury show some mental disturbance but nothing debilitating as far as his intelligence is concerned. That there was physical damage to the brain, though, is indicated by the involvement of Mars. The Moon/Pluto and Admetos picture also indicates harbored emotional dross that must be dug up and dealt with positively before he can be emotionally well.

Su/Ne-Vu: This configuration can mean a terrific weakening of the body, susceptibility to a wide range of viral or bacterial infections, allergies and tremendous reaction to drugs. Although Bobby didn't have allergies, he did have a severe reaction to the Ritalin. And his continual bouts with pneumonia and constant trips to the hospital indicated that this picture is an extremely important one that has been active throughout his life.

Ur/Ha-Ze: Although I had no information on this midpoint structure, I believed it indicated problems during the birthing process.

Su/Mo-Vu: This configuration can indicate a person with tremendous reserves of energy or strength, who may overdo things. This midpoint structure was triggered when Bobby was 2 Vi and progressed Uranus conjuncted natal Vulcanus.

Ma-Ad: These two planets are in opposition. They are an explosive pair, and, when they are triggered, a situation may come to light and have to be dealt with.

Ma/No-Su: I find that Nodal connections can mean a separation or an addition. For example, a person may literally lose an organ, or he or she may add a certain emotion. Admetos in opposition to the Sun in this picture perhaps hints that hidden emotions must be surfaced and dealt with, but first a loss must occur before the emotional cleansing.


When I saw Bobby, Saturn was transiting Leo retrograde in his Second House. Saturn in the Second House usually means concrete results will eventually come about: in other words, it was the right time to begin work with Bobby, although some stops and starts could be expected before a health plan could be instituted with any degree of success because Saturn was retrograde. At the same time Uranus was at 16 Scorpio retrograde in his Fourth House, a placement that had been immensely important earlier in Bobby's successful therapy. In addition, Neptune was at 18 Sagittarius, going retrograde in Bobby's Fifth House. That meant Neptune was hovering around Bobby's natal Mars, a transit that indicates confusion, mistakes and weakening of the body in some way. I felt I had to be extracareful in my diagnosis because of this transit, and I went over all

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