Figure 12 Bonnies Progressed Chart

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Bonnie would get pregnant shortly after the birth of her second child: I've seen this configuration active in many surprise pregnancies that no one was aware of until too late. Progressed Transpluto was conjunct natal Uranus, indicating an operation or birth of a child. And progressed Kronos was conjunct the natal Midheaven, perhaps signifying the competency of the doctor involved.

In 1963 at 22, Bonnie had her last child. At that time progressed Mercury was conjunct Transpluto, suggesting news of a transforming nature on a psychological level: Bonnie was emotionally affected by this third birth since she had lost a baby in 1961 from miscarriage. The progressed Sun was conjunct natal Jupiter, an excellent sign for an easy birth and delivery. Progressed Transpluto was conjunct the natal Ascendant: there must have been a great deal of activity in Bonnie's immediate environment with three children, two of whom were one year old or less. And progressed Uranus was conjunct natal Apollon, indicating possible operation and with Apollon involved suggesting that Bonnie had her hands full—literally and figuratively speaking.

Then in 1971 Bonnie had a hysterectomy because of cancer. At that time progressed Apllon was conjunct natal Admetos, progressed Vulcanus was conjunct natal Hades, and the progressed Node and Poseidon were conjunct natal Jupiter. This last picture indicated that Bonnie would come out of the operation free of cancer, and since 1971 she has had no indications of the disease returning: Poseidon acts like a guardian angel, suggesting successful operations.

Bonnie's one other operation, a tonsilectomy performed in 1948, occurred when transiting Uranus was conjunct natal Mars—a classic signature for operation.

At the time I saw Bonnie she was very sick. Her progressed Admetos and Sun would conjunct natal Uranus in approximately one to one and a half years from June of 1978. Thus I knew! had that much lead time to get her on the road to recovery.

The Transits

In June of 1978 transiting Saturn was applying to a square to Bonnie's natal Mars in the First House, implying that it was time for her to renew efforts to implement her serious, Saturnian ideas and goals. At the same time transiting Pluto was making a square to her natal Sun in the Second House, indicating that it was time for some serious transformation of self, e.g. getting better nutrition to make herself into a new kind of person.

Although transiting Uranus in her Twelfth House was making no major aspects at the time, such a transit can often mean that hidden knowledge may suddenly become available through an astrologer or other unusual source, as in fact happened. Finally, transiting Neptune was in her First House retrograde and separating from her natal Venus, hinting tht some unforeseen forces were at work to help her.

The Eclipses

An eclipse opposite Bonnie's natal Moon on March 24, 1978, implied that Bonnie was gaining an awareness of herself; it also marked a good time for her to take action on her desires *o get well. An eclipse on September 16, 1978, was o posite her natal Neptune, indicating that by the allout date of December 16, 1978, she would either be very much better or chroncially and inexplicably worse: as her letters indicate, through a good nutritional plan Bonnie was rapidly returning to health by the fallout date.

Final Analysis

Besides having leukopenia Bonnie was overweight and tired. In addition, her thyroid was chronically hypofunctioning. To help her with her weight I recommended she daily take raw apple cider vinegar, which is high in potassium and acts as a natural diuretic. I also wanted her to form a diet around foods that would increase peristalsis; so, I suggested that she begin to eat more roughage and fibrous foods to stimulate the small intestines. And I recom-

Figure 13


J 9« 33 O/? 11 33 J-'E 21 32 A/R 29 59 O/M 40 36 E/M 5® 35 tf^A 57 04 68 41 J/M 79 13

Ox? 00 54 O 13 39 %/Q 31 44 3» IB 8'13 41 51 O'V go 40 Jxt, 38 02 9/tf 6fl 55 79 35

01 37 V/M 15 00 O/e 23 38 tf/Ji 32 38 Ip* 44 04 O/J 52 16 <t 59 43 Q/l( 69 41 VE 79 40

<iVE 01 40 A/M 15 59 W¥ 23 04 B 33 37 1|/A 45 04 V 32 26 V/E 60 39 OS\> 76 47 VB 80 46

D^n 03 13 IK* 16 42 M^A 26 03 1| 33 43 V* 45 11 52 30 J/B 62 15 J/V 75 56 M/fl 81 33

fl 03 33 17 48 J/W 26 39 V1» 49 VA 46 10 W'A 53 25 fi/Q 64 35 5f/A 76 36 O/tf 81 41

»|/n 06 38 D/l* 16 18 ]>/A 27 39 37 35 47 43 A 34 23 g/* 63 17 77 37 * 87 41

VM 44 rf^M 18 38 ?/M 27 51 \ 37 55 48 34 O/fl 54 36 ?/A 66 17 O/V 78 03 WE 88 02

? »9 27 J/^ 19 24 <fy"g 28 42 38 30 <t/\ 48 49 tf/W 36 04 M 67 33 S 78 08 J/J 88 47

«✓E 16 53 VQ 28 38 W/Q 29 00 39 30 ]>/? 50 10 56 55 67 35 O/A 79 02 B^A 89 01

89 17

mended that she get off milk: the excess mucus was not needed with her already toxic condition. Since two grams of thyroid medication is quite a bit, I suggested she substitute kelp tablets for part of that medication, providing her doctor agreed. I also recommended she take supplements of vitamins A, D, B-6, C and thiamine. I talked over the comprehensive diet and supplement plan with her and told her to get in touch with her doctors before initiating it, which she did.


In October 1978 I got an update on Bonnie's condition: "By following your diet of vinegar and honey mixture, etc., everything is on the way up. (The blood) is on the border. It's not now critical. I still am not feeling up to par, but the doctor said it would take a while. I need more iron and vitamin C. I also have phlebitis ir. the large veins. He said that, unfortunately, they couldn't do anything for that except for me to stay off my legs. I remembered you saying you had a cure for it; wasn't that right? My blood pressure is extremely low, but he said as long as the blood keeps improving, that's the main thing. I have been losing weight slowly but surely. If I get really hungry, I just fix honey and vinegar and that cuts my appetite quickly. And the diet does help to clean my system out. At first, I had some cramps with it, but it seems to have just regulated me more than anything else.

"If I could just get these pains from the legs, I'd be on my way. I'm sure the only reason everything's improving now is because of your help. The doctors have done nothing for months because they didn't know what to do—and now they don't have a cure for phlebitis! HELP!"

I was satisfied that Bonnie's blood was stabilizing, and I had warned her ahead of time that no program based on a healthy diet plus herbs and supplements was going to cure her overnight: it had taken three months of continuous discipline to get her this far. Then the phlebitis developed. I called her the day I received her letter and told her to talk to her doctors about getting on vitamin E and on higher doses of vitamin C: both administered in high dosages can get rid of phlebitis quickly and easily. Since Bonnie had had a previous heart condition, I warned her to get one of her doctors to dispense the d-alpha tocopherol (vitamin E) to her in small dosages, eventually working up to a high amount: too much vitamin E taken suddenly can sometimes create heart palpitations.

Her second letter came in December of 1978: "I'm coming along pretty well. Actually, I'm 110 per cent better, if that's possible. I'm on 3,000 mgs. of vitamin C pretty steadily, occasionally upwards to 5,000. But I find I have diarrhea then, so I stay around 3,000 to 4,000. I'm also on 1,600 I.U. of vitamin E. I can feel that my blood pressure is up. Every so often, I have a 'backslide' day, and it seems things start dropping. But then, next day or so, I'm back at it. The iron content is pretty steady; my stool is pretty dark so I know I'm getting enough now. My energy, on the whole, has greatly increased. I do have my lazy days and some stinging of the veins in the legs—but all in all, it's going great."

This is the kind of report that makes medical astrology worthwhile. The leukopenia was in a state of remission. And, as a matter of fact, it still is at the printing of this book.

I received Bonnie's last update on her condition in April 1979: "As you know, when you did my Med-Scan I was in terrible shape—lots of blood problems, vein problems, blood clots, anemia! I started right away on your suggestions It's been slow, but my blood is straightening up very well. I take honey and vinegar twice a day (in grape juice mostly—water at times, but grape juice gives it a smoother flow until I get myself convinced it's good). I have lost 15 pounds, and that has been slow also. I feel good about that, though, because I know it's gone forever. I'd like to lose about eight more pounds. In general, I feel much better. I am learning this body is the only one I have, and it's time I respect it a little."

Bonnie is progressing nicely, although when she gets off her program her body punishes her immediately: people who have chronic ailments cannot afford to stray from diets that work for their bodies, something Bonnie found out the hard way. Bonnie still takes a thyroid supplement in lieu of the kelp tablets.

What Astrology Missed

I did not suggest the use of vitamin E until the phlebitis developed. I made the mistake of thinking that since Venus has only two hard aspects to it and Bonnie hadn't really had any symptoms of a deficiency in that vitamin, she didn't need it. But her natal Venus is in Sagittarius, indicating the possibility of blood clots and ensuing leg problems. Furthermore, Neptune is square Venus, and Neptune is frequently involved in phlebitis because clots form without the knowledge of the recipient until it is too late. If left unattended, phlebitis can kill a person. But, fortunately, the oversight on my part, attributable to my lack of a medical background, was easily corrected and the phlebitis disappeared.

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