Fifth House

The Fifth House is concerned with love. That is, those individuals with planets in this house feel a great need for love. They tend to feel a lack of love and try to get ample love from those around them. The kind of big emotional expenditure caused by such a search may eventually create health problems—ailments that are often long in coming and not obvious at first. The need for love may drive these people into a series of chaotic affairs, leading to fragmented, frustrated lives. Furthermore, Fifth House individuals may experience great loneliness that deprives them of their desires to live.

Fifth House people need to realize that the root of their desires for affection is probably insecurity. They need to cultivate a healthy view of self. They need to learn that they can receive attention best through creative self-expression. These people usually have one major talent and several minor talents and should develop them.

They also must learn to love themselves first and foremost. The old adage that to receive love one must love onself is true. Therapy may help these individuals discover the reasons for their insecurity and help cultivate new attitudes so that they like themselves. Self-acceptance may breed good health and inner contentment so that energies will flow smoothly.

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