Ferrum Phosphoricum Mercury Mars Pisces

Made from iron, Ferrum Phos. should be thought of immediately when getting a cold or flu. If none of the symptoms have set in yet, this remedy can stop a cold or flu from developing! But it is important to take it before symptoms manifest. Also, it is an excellent remedy to take after a cold or flu has gone on, and seems to hang on too long. Anemia responds to this remedy. Great cure for fever. Earache (early stages of) Fever (with slow onset, pale but with red cheeks)

Head cold (early stages of)

Flu (early stages of)

Nosebleed (especially in children but can be used for adults also) v '

Cough (hard, dry with a tickle; chest aches from it) Headache (throbbing and feels better with cool cloth)

Bleeding (menses) (bright red and clots readily, flow is heavy, great for razor or knife cuts) Abscesses (early inflammation of)

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