Recommended Dietary Allowance: Infants 0-1/6 yrs. 5 mg. 1/6-1/2 yrs. 7 mg. 1/2-1 yrs. 5 mg.

Children 1-3 yrs. 8 mg. 3-4 yrs. 9 mg. 4-6 yrs. 11 mg. 6-8 yrs. 13 mg. 8-10 yrs. 15 mg. Men 10-12 yrs. 17 mg. 12-14 yrs. 18 mg. 14-18 yrs. 20 mg. 18-35 yrs. 18 mg. 35-55 yrs. 17 mg. 55-75+ yrs.

Women l0-14yrs. 15mg. 14-16yrs. 16mg. 16-18yrs.

15 mg. 18-75+ yrs. 13 mg. ,.r, .mry. Pregnant Women 15 mg.

Lactating Women 20 mg.

Therapeutic Dose: One hundred milligrams or more with each meal are recommended. If niacin (nicotinic acid) is taken at this dosage, temporary side effects may occur: the body will "blush," turning red; there will be a prickly, tingling sensation; and the body will itch and throb as the vitamin dilates the lumen (the space within an artery, vein, intestine or tube) in the blood vessels. As few as 25 milligrams of niacin will bring on similar reactions, but lasting only moments. To avoid the side effects (except for migraine headaches and acne), many doctors suggest taking niacinamide (nicotinamide).

Megadose: Under a physician's guidance up to 25,000 milligrams is used to treat certain conditions. (See Recent Clinical Developments.) But massive doses will put stress on the stomach, liver, sex hormones and intestines.

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