Recommended Dietary Allowance; Laetrile is not recognized by the FDA as necessary for human nutrition. It was not until April 1977 that it was to be imported into the country without threat of law suit or imprisonment. And since 1980 it has once again been banned for import.

Some sources suggest one apricot kernel per each ten pounds of body weight a day as an aid in the prevention of cancer. The seeds should be eaten and should not be placed in a liquid left to sit for any amount of time. Because this is a poisonous substance, great caution is advised. A physician should be consulted before anyone embarks upon any planned program of cancer-prevention.

Therapeutic Dose: Laetrile should only be taken under a physician's guidance. For controlling moderate cancer crises 300 grams is average. Another recommended range is 300 milligrams per kilogram (2.2 pounds) of body weight, or about 140 milligrams per pound.

Megadose: Only under a physician's guidance laetrile has been given orally or injected into the body in such amounts as 10 to 20 grams daily. Injections of up to five grams per kilogram of patient weight per day have also been suggested.


The level of toxicity has not been established. Opinion is divided about the toxicity of laetrile: its proponents stress its nontoxic properties; other people believe laetrile can be extremely deadly. On test mice and rats injections of 25,000 milligrams of laetrile proved lethal. And some authorities feel that two to three tablets taken orally can be lethal to children. More research is necessary to prove whether or not laetrile is relatively nontoxic to humans. A physician should always be consulted before anyone takes any kind of dosage of laetrile.

Certain side effects have been noted when laetrile is injected into a cancer patient. There seems to be a fall in blood pressure, with the decrease proportionate to how much of the compound is given. Upon the first injection blood pressure can drop anywhere from 5 to 68 millimeters within the first five minutes. If the blood pressure drops too far and too quickly, shock can set in — a dangerous condition. According to one doctor, this side effect can be avoided by using .3 to 1 milligram of phenylephrine hydrochloride in the same syringe with the laetrile solution.

Deficiency Symptoms

Laetrile's only area of strength appears to be in fighting cancer. With a deficiency of the substance there may be diminished resistance to all forms of cancerous ailments.

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