Recommended Dietary Allowance: Infants 0-1/6 yrs. 0.2 mg. 1/6-1/2 yrs. 0.3 mg. 1/2-1 yrs. 0.4 mg.

Children 1-2 yrs. 0.5 mg. 2-3 yrs. 0.6 mg. 3-4 yrs. 0.7

mg. 4-6 yrs. 0.9 mg. 6-8 yrs. 1.0 mg. 8-10 yrs. 1.2mg.

Men 10-12 yrs. 1.4 mg. 12-14 yrs. 1.6 mg. 14-18 yrs.

Pregnant Women 2.5 mg.

Lactating Women 2.5 mg.

Therapeutic Dose: Under a physician's guidance 100 milligrams daily are recommended, preferably with the rest of the vitamin B complex to prevent deficiencies.

Megadose: Doctors have administered from 50 to 450 milligrams daily and 1,000 milligrams for short intervals in some cases. Especially in pregnancy there seems to be a higher need for vitamin B-6 to combat side effects such as edema, swelling of ankles and hands and nausea. There have been claims that excessive vitamin B-6 is responsible for cleft palates in infants. Megadoses should always be administered with a physician's guidance to prevent other deficiencies.

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