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During the eighteenth century many people who lived in the midwestern states suffered from goiter, which was corrected by adding more foods containing iodine to their diets. Saltwater fish were also eaten to help the thyroid maintain its normal level of activity. And it is still a good idea to include saltwater fish in the diet, especially for those people who do not live near the ocean.

Supplements such as algae, kelp tablets and Irish moss (an herb seaweed) are good for an ailing thyroid. Algae are good sources of zinc, a mineral found in high amounts in the thyroid, as well as vitamins A and D. Thus Vi teaspoon of algae powder a day will help the gland.

Brewer's yeast is also beneficial for the thyroid gland. Yeast contains riboflavin, niacin and thiamine, all integral in the transport of oxygen within the cells. Iodine then works to help the hormone thyroxine step up the oxidation process.

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