Deficiency Symptoms

At the onset of a deficiency of calcium there may be restlessness, nervousness and even tremors of the hands. In addition, muscles may cramp, and there may be numbness and tingling in the extremities. The heart may then race or palpitate erratically. Stunted growth and bone problems, such as rickets in children, osteoporosis (the softening of the bones or the bones becoming porous and brittle) and teeth problems, as well as slow blood clotting time, may also occur.

Insomnia seems to be the most common symptom of insufficient calcium: unfortunately, people go to their doctors and are prefunctorily issued sleeping pills to cover up the deficiency.

Other symptoms of a deficiency are a lack of courage, will power or the will to live. There may be difficulty in thinking or completing thoughts, forget-fulness, brooding, depression, afternoon headaches, sighing, excess saliva in the mouth or cramping of toes at night. The inability to relax or stay put, puf-finess in parts of the body or an increase in weight can also manifest.

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