Deficiency Symptoms

All deficiencies of inositol are related to defi-

delicies of other vitamins, particularly cholin,. In unison with cholin inositol is primarily concerned with the breaking down of fats throughout the body. The two vitamins join in the liver to create lecithin. If lecithin is not available to break down fats into bile salts, fatty deposits will clog the arteries, the tubules of the kidneys and liver. And heart ailments, swelling and inflammation of the liver and Bright's disease in the kidneys may occur later.

There is also a relationship between diabetes and a lack of inositol, although scientists don't know the exact connection. People who have diabetes insipidus (a disease caused by the posterior pituitary gland not secreting enough vasopressin, the antidiuretic hormone) tend to excrete far more inositol than average: it has been suggested that the renal tubular mechanisms for the transport of glucose and inositol may be closely related. Tests have also shown that inositol can lower the levels of cholesterol in diabetic cases.

Loss of hair, abnormalities of the eyes and high blood cholesterol are other symptoms that may result from a deficiency of inositol

Recent Clinical Developments

Under the direction of nutritionists some people have lowered their serum blood cholesterol markedly by taking vitamins A, D, E and B. A few took 250 milligrams each of cholin and inositol six times daily for a short period. The outcome was lowered levels of cholesterol, more energy and a sense of general well-being.

In addition, inositol can break up deposits of fat in cirrhosis of the liver.

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