Cupido is the first of the eight Uranian planets discovered by Alfred Witte of Germany. This planet rules the family, marriage, divorce and childbirth as well as creative, cultural and artistic pursuits. To the medical astrologer Cupido is of use in determining the birth of a child or illness within the immediate family: whenever Cupido is threatened in a person's chart, it is not that individual who may get sick but, instead, a member of his or her family.

By examining the placement of Cupido, the medical astrologer can sometimes help avert a crisis. Upon finding Cupido "under fire" by a planet such as Saturn or Hades, a medical astrologer might question the person about whether or not there is a member currently ailing within the family unit. If the individual says yes and identifies a close family member, the picture in the chart may be a forewarning that the ailing family member might experience a further health setback, and forewarned is forearmed. The astrologer should undertake the progressions of the sick member's chart to confirm this conjecture. Then a physician should take proper medical action to try either to modify or ward off the coming crisis.

On the other hand, if the answer is no, an investigation should be launched into the charts of close family members to see which one may fall ill. All that is normally done to determine the potential illness of a member is to use the 90-degree dial and progress the planets via solar arc. A progressed medical planet conjuncting a natal planet will normally point to the target. As to the question of whether or not the illness will strike a man or woman, Saturn and Kronos might indicate a man and the Moon or Venus, a woman.

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