Chapter Four Midpoint Structures and Medical Diagnosis

A midpoint can be either an occupied or an unoccupied space between two other planets; it is the exact number of degrees between the bordering, or bracketing, planets. In Uranian astrology as well as in cosmobiology a midpoint structure within a very small orb—usually no more than two degrees if the Sun or Moon is involved and one to one and a half degrees for any other planet—is an astrological phenomenon that can affect a person psychologically and/or physically. The middle point between the bracketing natal planets sets up a harmony or vibration; and when a natal planet, progression or transit "hits" that midpoint, the chord is struck and the vibration energizes into a physical, mental or emotional manifestation,

A yod, consisting of two planets sextile and in-conjunct a third planet, is simply a midpoint structure, with the inconjunct planet sitting in the middle of the other sextile planets. For years astrologers have known that planets progressing or transiting that inconjunct planet or in opposition to it can cause many medical problems. A midpoint, too, is most activated by a conjunction or opposition.

To find a midpoint, using the chart below, add the longitude of the two bracketing planets and divide by two, thereby arriving at the middistance between them.

Aries 0-30° Taurus 30-60° Gemini 60-90° Cancer 90-120° Leo 120-150° Virgo 150-180°

Libra 180-210° Scorpio 210-240° Sagittarius 240-270° Capricorn 270-300° Aquarius 300-330° Pisces 330-360°

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