Chapter Five The Med Scan Technique

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Every body has its own particular weak spots that tend to dysfunction under mental, physical or emotional stress or through poor diet. The Med-Scan technique helps determine potential weaknesses within a body. It relies on medical astrology to find out what diseases a person may be susceptible to or what vitamin or mineral deficiencies might occur. That is not to say that because specific configurations appear in a natal or progressed chart a person will have a certain disease or nutritional deficiency. The Med-Scan technique simply provides clues.

In medical astrology nothing is assumed: all findings are cross-checked with the present symptoms and past medical history of the patient and then proven through tests or physical examinations conducted by a physician. A medical astrologer examines a natal chart to locate potential vitamin and mineral déficiences and likely weak areas of the body, comparing the astrological findings with the person's medical history. In addition to looking at the sign and house placements of the planets and the hard aspects, a medical astrologer determines which cross is activated. He or she also looks closely at critical degrees in the natal chart, evaluates a progressed chart for the client and looks at transits and eclipses. From all this information a medical astrologer can then suggest the best nutritional supplements, diet and therapy for the patient—after the astrological conclusions have been verified by a physician.

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The Art Of Astrology

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