Transits And Medical Astrology

Below are POTENTIAL health indication via the transits, or daily motion of the planets. The best way to use HEALTH TRANSIT is in conjunction with the Med-Scan Technique ("MST") (see Appendix, Cosmic Patterns), which outlines the potential vitamin/mineral deficiency symptoms for the individual. With the slower moving transits, such as Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, potential nutritional deficiencies may be created within the individual during that time. However, to make sure, check your MST and see if you are potentially deficient in that specific nutrient. If you are not, do not worry about it.

However, if it is indicated by your MST that you have a natal potential for this particular nutrient deficiency, then a licensed health practitioner should be consulted to confirm the symptoms and dosage.

If homeopathic remedies are mentioned in the transit, write to the National Center of Homeopathy (see Appendix). They can provide a list of homeopathic doctors in your area, and you can consult one to confirm the use of that particular remedy. Any time a remedy is suggested, an (hr) will appear after it, meaning homeopathic remedy. You may order from Hahnemann Pharmacy (see Appendix). If it specifies Calm's Forte, see Appendix for Standard Homeopathic Company information. If a Bach Flower Remedy (see Appendix for information) is mentioned, it will be designated with a (bfr) behind it,

WARNING: As with any homeopathic remedy, you take it 1 to 3 times for one day only and stop after that. Homeopathic remedies work on the principle that when the symptoms stop, you stop taking the remedy!

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